Work On Saturday

When You Have To Work On Saturday

The whole concept of growing up, getting stable jobs that help you pay bills and leaving behind everything to be focused on that is disturbing on many levels. You hated this life the minute you set foot on it. We all did, it’s okay to accept. Sometimes, all we wish to do is go back to being carefree children. But, well, nevermind. You made your peace with giving this five days in a week. You accepted this deal. Two days of fun after five days of hustle is what you compromised on. But when you have to work on Saturday, this is what you feel like –

1. Denial
The moment you’re given the news by someone at work that it’s going to be a working Saturday this weekend, your first reaction is no, this cannot be. You always think the other person is kidding because asking someone to work on a Saturday is like asking someone to share their pizza. It’s a crime. You low key hope this is an early April Fool’s Day prank because you’ve already made elaborate plans for Saturday.

Work On Saturday

2. Betrayal
When you get to know that this isn’t just someone’s ill-timed joke but a reality that you have to work on Saturday, a part of you feels betrayed. After giving all these years to working, showing up five days a week for a long time and getting this in return. It hurts more than a breakup when this happens to you but you can’t do anything about it. You feel betrayed by the whole universe. You’re such a good person. Why did this have to happen to you?

Work On Saturday

3. Depression
Sadness follows betrayal. A state where you feel like all the colours from your life have been taken away but you can’t do anything about it. You’re not happy about having to go to work on Saturday, and this will keep making you unhappy for a long time. The fear will always stay inside you, triggering depression every time it’s Friday. All the comfort in the world cannot console you because this hit you suddenly, out of nowhere.

Work On Saturday

4. Jealousy
You still learn to walk with the depression, feeling of betrayal and anger. You’re still living, breathing, making your peace with whatever happened. You show up to work on Saturday, with your half-broken smile and a completely broken heart. Just when you start to forget about it, you see your friend’s Snapchat/Instagram story where they are partying like you should have been. And it’s jealousy that drives your mind henceforth.

Work On Saturday

5. Acceptance
When you have smashed the doors with your fist at least twenty times after seeing the story, you realize that the only solution to this is acceptance. You have to work on Saturday this week, and maybe some more Saturdays in the future. That doesn’t mean you can let emotions drive you. If you’re going to survive in this world where others just want to kill the happiness of other people, you will have to accept everything and become an emotionless robot.

Work On Saturday

Well, at least you get one holiday.

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