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When Your Work Bestie Leaves

Only some people among us like to spend five days a week slogging behind computer screens, working. While most of us would run to another part of the world, change their names and live on an isolated island if they could. The latter only have one thing that keeps them going at work. Work bestie is someone who makes work life a little happening. You know you can count on them when you want to break everyone’s face at work. But when your work bestie leaves, this is what it’s like –

1. No gossip partner
When you are a gossip monger, you always find someone like you. At work, life would be miserable if you didn’t have your work bff to gossip with. All those long walks with them are all about sharing the latest news about people you both hate. When they leave, how will you keep it all to yourself?

Work Bestie

2. Lunch breaks won’t be the same
Lunch breaks are more of a get-together with your work bestie than a lunch break. It’s the one time at work that you look forward to. You don’t only share your food with them, but can also share each other’s interests. This is also an extended gossip session or a sulk session where you both discuss how much you hate your jobs.

Work Bestie

3. No making fun of anyone
Having a work bestie means always having someone who is going to judge other people along with you. Not all people can be perfect judging partners. You choose that person when you start working, only then you start discussing people with them. When they are gone, it’s hard to build that trust with another person all over again.

Work Bestie

4. Hard to find someone like them
A work bestie is someone you choose at a place where you hate everyone. You need to find someone who shares the same belief and then make them your partner in crime at work. With them, you talk about everyone. Once they decide to leave you alone, it’s a lonely world. You know nobody will be as good as them.

Work Bestie

5. Going back to work without them
After all the years/months you spent together, their decision to leave seems kind of selfish to you. But there’s nothing much you can do. You wish they would take them with you, but that cannot be. So you show up at work after their departure, putting on a brave face, getting coffee alone and remembering all the moments you shared with them.

Work Bestie

It’s hard without a work bestie.

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