Types Of People In A Club

Types Of People In A Club

In a club or at a bus stand, people are weird. They always make you question your own sanity and if you’re paying attention, they’re all stupid. Clubs are all about loud music, expensive liquor and dancing. Amidst this madness, when you’re still 5 Tequila shots away from losing your mind, you’ll see a variety of people with different characteristics. Following are the types of people in a club –

1. The Dancers

People go clubbing for the sole purpose of loud music to which they can shake their legs to. There’s a whole group of people that always seem very dedicated to the art of dancing. It doesn’t matter if they’re all strangers, as long as their bodies are grooving to the music, they don’t mind who’s with them at all. Where to find them? On the dance flood 24×7, obviously.

Types Of People In A Club

2. The Wasted

Clubbing is not all about dancing. It’s also about expensive booze that will keep you begging on the streets for the rest of the moment. In the name of living in the moment, you spend all your money on drinking and acting like a weirdo the whole time. Ultimately, you’ll have to be carried away at home by your friends if you have any left after all the stunts you pull around strangers.

Types Of People In A Club

3. The Gang

There’s always going to be a gang at the club that takes up the whole place at the club and your squad is just looking them like “what are they even doing”. They’ll try to act all cool acting like they own the whole place, and in reality, this is the very first time they’ve come to a club. On the dance floor, they’ll push everyone off and dance till they have decided it’s time to stop.

Types Of People In A Club

4. The Kids

In every club, there will be a group of rich kids who hang out at the club like it’s a place they should be at. Instead of being at a playground or at a bouncy castle, they’ll be acting 21 when they’re really 16. Talking like they’ve just been deported from the United States of America, you’ll find them all at the bar trying to act all cool in front of people double their age.

Types Of People In A Club

5. Your Gang

Laughing at all these people from the corner of the club is your gang. After two months of coordinating with all the people on WhatsApp, talking to everybody’s parents for allowing your friends to come and wooing every person every time they do even the slightest of drama, you guys finally make it to the club at the same time. Despite of this, you wouldn’t be there without them.

Types Of People In A Club

Another night of remembering nothing. 

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