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Types Of People During Navratri

The days of Falguni Pathak are finally here and we’re all having a blast. Navratri is one of the most fun festivals celebrated in India. Dancing, music and amazing food (vegetarian though), what else would you want from life. People get out of their homes every night for a little celebration with their friends and family, just chilling out without having to worry about anything. During Navratri, you come across a wide variety of people, especially the Gujjus, who have the most of this festival. Types of people during Navratri –

1. The DCWC Gang

DCWC stands for Don’t Care Won’t Care, which is exactly the attitude of these people towards Navratri festival (or any festival for that matter). They hate the music, the dresses and the overall vibes of the city during a festival. It’s not that they are antisocial, they just don’t understand the concept of getting together every month in the name of festivals. You could just hangout and not play music so loud, but you do and that bothers them. They’re also really bad dancers, which is why you’ll never see them be a part of anything that involves dancing.

2. The Hardcore Gujjus

Navratri, without a doubt, is mainly the festival of Gujjus. The whole year they’re busy with business, but they make up for it all during these nine days. All dressed in kurta pyjamas and chaniya choli, they own the damn place when it comes to Garba. Worshiping Falguni Pathak, they’re hands and legs automatically start dancing to the tunes of Pari Hu Main. And once it does, there’s no stopping a Gujju. They may be fasting for nine days straight, but the level of energy during garba is just unimaginable. Save yourself from getting hurt by not getting in the way of a Gujju dancing.

3. The Dancers

Navratri time is like a gala for the dancers. This is the only time they get to showcase their talent publicly and get local fame. Girls/Boys swoon over their dancing skills and everything is awesome in the world for nine days. They turn into VIPs, get invited everywhere and don’t have to talk to impress their crushes. You can be like Ross at flirting, the worst of the lot, but if you can dance, Navratri is your window. You can become a local sensation, a chick magnet just by moving your body, and for nine days, you’re going to be the talk of the town. Do make a plan for after Navratri as well, just btw.

4. The Group Of Friends

This happens in every gang. There’s always this one Gujju friend who would ask the gang to come for Garba at his place. The gang, quite reluctant at first gives into their Gujju friend’s consistent insists and get together for a Garba night. Now may know absolutely nothing about Garba, but they’re all just there standing, trying hard to match the enthusiasm of their friend. Some of them might not even dance, they just came to avoid a boring night watching television. In every Garba get-together, you’ll see these small group of friends dancing, making fun of each other and taking selfies.

5. The Rebels

The rule of this world doesn’t apply to them, especially the ones that try to meddle with their taste buds. It is a belief that during Navratri, you should not eat meat, even onion and garlic in severe cases, and mostly people follow this. But the rebels, oh no. Life never changes for them, even if it was the end of the world. They’re going to eat that chicken tikka, no matter how much the world despises them, because chicken is bae. They usually hate Navratri because there’s a vegetarian wave going on in the country, and only a select few restaurants, rebels like them, serve non-veg food.
What type are you?

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