Types Of Parents

Types Of Parents

The most passive aggressive relationship any Indian Kid has been in is the one with his parents. They say something, they do something else and they expect something completely different. There’s no understanding Indian parents because the more you try to get into their minds, the more you’ll lose yours. However, each child develops a tactics where they tackle their parents to get the desired response. Here’s a list of the different types of parents and how to deal with them –

1. The Cucumbers

You’ve all heard the phrase as cool as a cucumber. Children with such parents say as cool as my parents. Not everyone is blessed with such parents and not everyone deserves these parents. They’re all chill about drinking, night outs and late night parties not because they’re bad parents, but because they trust their parenting and know their children won’t be pulling some stunt. And their kids know better too. If you have such parents, your friends are probably jealous of you.

2. The Hitler

Exactly the opposite of the cool ones are these parents who have made it a point to completely destroy the social life of their kids. And let me tell you, they raise the best liars. The more strict they are, the more rebels their kids are likely to be. Strict parents think they are dictators as they always decide where their kids will go, what they will do and how they will behave. While it’s absolutely necessary to keep your kids in check from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you start defining their lives for them.

3. The “No”

Every question these parents are asked ends in a straight up unapologetic no. They don’t care how much it matters to you, or how you promised your best friend that you’d make it to her birthday, or that Zara dress which is on sale, they just don’t care. After a while you just stop asking them questions because you know how it’s going to end up. Whenever your friend insists you to ask them for a plan, you without even asking them say no because you know your parents very well.

4. The Moody

As the name suggests, all their answers depend on how they’re feeling at that point of time. They don’t care if it’s affecting your life for the better, if they’re in the mood to stop you from going, nothing can save your little plan. The best way to deal with moody parents is to ask them about a plan whenever their mood is chirpy. If you can get a yes from them while they’re happy, you can enjoy having fun. There are also ways to enhance their mood which only you would no better.

5. The ones with Hyperthymesia

It is absolutely necessary to take care of all the words that come out of your mouth or all your actions when you’re around them because they have a memory that has the power to destroy you. For everyone who isn’t familiar with the word, Hyperthymesia is a condition wherein the person remember each and every detail, like having a photographic memory. Just when you mention a plan, they will search the date and give the that specific summer evening where you back answered them.

What parent are you?

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