Thoughts We Have After Waking Up On A Saturday

Thoughts We Have After Waking Up On A Saturday

God bless the weekend, it’s finally here. A whole week of waiting results in sleeping with no alarm and waking up with no regrets. This is why we love Saturday, the fact that you can waste so much time on Facebook without having to worry about getting to work on time. Weekends are the only two days we get, so there’s a lot of things we plan on doing. Following are the various thoughts we have after waking up on a Saturday –

1. Let’s go on an adventure

Every weekend, the Bear Grylls side of us awakens urging us to take a trip exploring the nature with our buddies. Trekking to the highest peak, or swimming in the deepest river, we want to do all the sorts of things that make our adrenaline rush. However, this Bear Grylls eventually dies because we realize we have to get up physically and do these activities, and it’s kind of hard to do all that on a day like Saturday.

2. Let’s plan a party

Saturday night is synonymous with rave parties were getting high is all you care about. Friday and Saturday nights are the best nights to party as you don’t have to be worrying about being hungover at work the next day. After waking up, we plan to go clubbing or a house party with our squad but this idea is dropped too because it involves a lot of coordination and excessive exercise of fingers.

3. Let’s go on a road trip

A pleasant early morning drive to Lonavala or early morning sunrise at Marine Drive is magical. We know that because we’ve done it once when we all first tasted freedom during college and we want to do it again. But then people got busy and we grew up. Every Saturday, we want to go on a road trip with the squad but this plan is short lived because no one is free and you don’t have a car to go all by yourself (also, it’s no fun alone).

4. Let’s do something productive

A ‘me’ time is what everyone needs after a week of pretend smiling to people we don’t like, all of us need two days off from the rest of the world. To avoid getting bored, we think of doing something productive like making DIY articles that can be used for decorating or cleaning the house. This doesn’t workout as well because we’re too lazy to do these kind of things.

5. Let’s FTW and just sleep

This plan works 100% of the time because no matter what we say or do, sleeping will always remain our first love. You may want to explore the world, but all the beauty of nature is nothing when it comes to sleeping for those extra hours on your own bed. You can plan all you need but this is how you’re eventually going to spend your perfect Saturday.

Welcoming the weekend with snores.

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