Things You Will Find In Every Girl's Bag

Things You Will Find In Every Girl’s Bag

As has been established over the years, being a woman isn’t easy. It may not matter to others how we look, but it matters to us. Our bags are our holders that carry important weapons, which is why most us get possessive about our bags. Solving the mystery once and for all, following are the things you will find in every girl’s bag –

1. Lipstick
This is the most important thing to us on the planet. That too, a red lipstick is what you’ll find in our bags at all times. Be it a handbag or a a clutch, there is always room for lipstick. You never know when you might run into Ryan Reynolds, and you definitely can’t have average lips when that happens.

2. Sunglasses
Sunglasses in this weather are more of a necessity than a mere accessory. With the temperature being 45+ degrees outside and the Sun ready to burn us as soon as we step out, sunglasses are a protection for our eyes and our winged eyeliners. The weather isn’t going to stop us from slaying at all.

3. Munchies
A girl’s gotta eat! A girl’s life is very hectic. We’re always on the run doing something or the other. We wouldn’t really eat if food wasn’t a necessity but because it is, we need to have munchies in our bags all the time. What if we can’t shop any more because we’re hungry? Must be ready for all situations.

4. Tissue Paper
With such a high temperature comes the sweat which is an involuntary body activity that we cannot control. All the sunscreen, our makeup, moisturizers and body lotions wear out within seconds because of the sweat. Does that mean we’ll look like zombies the whole day? No we won’t. Tissue papers to the rescue.

5. Body spray
Sweat would be bearable is it didn’t stink so much. Us girls like to smell straight out of heaven, all the time because, well again, we really could run into Ryan Gosling. Body spray becomes a necessity in a situation like that. We believe in spreading happiness all the time through our body mist.

Who run the world? Girls.

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