Things You Should Date Instead Of People

Things You Should Date Instead Of People

Things are better than people. Period. Things don’t betray you, they don’t ask you stupid questions, they don’t call you stupid and they don’t say I love you when they don’t mean it. It’s time we all reconsider talking to people and possessing things instead. Tomorrow being the big day of love, why should you spend it with someone who’s going to end up wasting your time eventually? Here’s a list of¬†things you should date instead of people –

1. Mobile Phone
Why waste money on Valentine’s Day, when you can save up to buy yourself a decent phone that’s going to love you back. I don’t know about people, but that phone is sure going to be there right under your pillow beside you when you need it, even if that is at 3 in the morning. The phone is going to protect you through awkward conversations, your travel woes and helping you in difficult situations. Date your phone.

2. Sleep
What is better than sleeping in the bed all day? Imagine all that time that you would be spending with a person who doesn’t care about you could be utilized for sleeping. Wouldn’t that make you more happy? A perfect relationship with sleep is what everyone asks for that if you can do that, you’d be the happiest person on earth. Ditch those boys that don’t care and girls who demand to much and date your sleep.

3. Food
Food is BAE. This is the ultimate solution to everything. Feeling sad? Food will make you happy. Hurting from the inside? Food will cure you. Feeling ecstatic? Food will make it even better. There will be a lot of situations you will be in where food is going to be your companion and not leave you hanging. Every beautiful story starts and begins with food, and you possibly can’t find more reasons to ditch your partner and date pizza.

4. Clothes
Boys and girls come and go, but clothes stay forever. Okay, not forever, but for enough time where they see you outgrow them and discard it to your younger sibling. For dating clothes, you need to be filthy rich or you’re just going o end up being homeless. Every week, go on a shopping spree buying and trying different outfits and taking them home. The best part is they wouldn’t even mind if you cheat on them.

5. Your TV
At times when you can’t find the drama that you need in your life, the shows or movies on your television have always been there to provide you that. By shows, I obviously don’t mean that daily soaps that make you want to bang your head against the wall but the ones that make sense. On a lonely Saturday afternoon when you have nothing to do, your television makes sure you are not dying of boredom.

Things over people, always.

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