Things You Can Only Do With Your BFF

Things You Can Only Do With Your BFF

It’s not like you have a lot of people to talk to. You have a closed knit of people you socialize with and an even closed group of people you talk to. In this Venn diagram of friends, the person who is the most important is your best friend who knows you better than anybody else, sometimes even better than family. There are certain things you can only do with your BFF and nobody else.

1. Discuss people
You have opinions about each and everything in life but saying it out loud to everyone can get you into trouble. Among many things that bind you and your BFF, mutual hatred for some people that you both can’t stand is one. Which is why you cannot afford to discuss people with others because you never know how they’ll react. But with your best friend, you know he/she will say something even more insulting.

Things You Can Only Do With Your BFF

2. Talk about crushes
You can’t go about telling everyone whom you like. What if they tell your crush and you world falls apart? What if they make it too obvious and make your imaginary relationship with your crush very awkward? You cannot risk all this by letting others know. Talking about crushes is something you can only do with your BFF because you know everything about them so they’ll never let your secrets out on purpose.

Things You Can Only Do With Your BFF3. Have inside jokes
Not everyone can match your sense of humour. When it comes to humour standards, yours is way more high that other homo sapiens that walk this earth. Thank to your best friend, you at least have someone who gets your jokes and laughs with you on them. Being at a party or any social gathering becomes 100 times more fun when your best friend is around because you both can pass each other looks and laugh on the inside jokes wholeheartedly.

Things You Can Only Do With Your BFF

4. Make travel plans
You don’t go making Paris and Amsterdam plans with everyone. Certain things are only sacred between best friends who know how much you value it. We’ve all had traveling plans on our bucket list ever since we were children. After we found our best friends, it became a travel plan for two. Every time you meet, you at least discuss once about it and dream about how much fun you’re going to have when you have the money to travel.

Things You Can Only Do With Your BFF5. Cry your heart out
Everybody looks ugly when they cry. You may appear as a big fighter when it comes to showing your emotions externally to others, but inside, you might be dying. Best friends are all the therapy we need. You can cry about the silliest of things and be sure your best friend isn’t judging you because that comes under their ‘to-do list’. A heart to heart session with your BFF is all you need to feel good about everything in life.

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