Texts Over Calls

Why Some People Prefer Texts Over Calls

There are two types of people. The first type belongs to those who like talking over the phone. And the second category is of individuals who’s rather die ten deaths that attend someone’s call. If you belong to the latter category, let me tell you that you’re not alone. We’re all out there, using phones only to text people and paying less bills we literally never call people. This is why some people prefer texts over calls –

1. Better Communication
It’s so much easier to talk to people on texts rather than over a call. You can reply to each message with the right punctuation and grammar. You can use your intelligence to the fullest while coming up with replies as no one is hovering over you from the other side to respond immediately. Texts are a tool for better communication without a doubt.

Texts Over Calls

2. Voice conscious
If you thought there’s no such thing as this, you’re wrong. Just like camera conscious, you may speak in your stupid voice alone, but when it comes to others, you need to alter it all the time. You don’t want people to think you’re not a human being when that voice, which is why you avoid talking to people over the phone and carrying out all conversations over texts.

Texts Over Calls

3. No miscommunication
How can people even talk efficiently over calls? How can they be sure they’ve heard the right word? On texts, you don’t have to worry about all that. You know exactly what they meant and can reply accordingly. On calls, you better hope that wasn’t a question and don’t laugh. Miscommunication cannot happen while texting, when both of you are sober.

Texts Over Calls

4. No arguments
Over phone calls, you have to listen to the other person no matter how much you want to put your point forth. But when texting, you can multiple text and block the other person if you’re not ready to hear their side. If they ask you why their messages weren’t delivered to you when you meet them next, you always have the network to blame. Everything is so easy on texts.

Texts Over Calls

5. Why not?
When you have the option of not hearing the annoying voice of other human beings, why would you choose to do that? On texts, you don’t have to hear them. It’s their fingers talking which can always be seen and ignored by your in the notifications bar itself. You’re not obligated to hear people all the time. Give your ears a break and let the fingers do the talking.

Texts Over Calls

Here’s to watching the phone ring forever. Cheers!

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