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Signs That You Are A Text Person

For people who don’t like any kind of contact with others, it’s hard to communicate, no matter what the medium is. But, because we are made to believe that it’s necessary to be in contact with other human beings, we are forced to do so. The medium of contact ranges from calls, emails and texts. This too has categories. There are people who like being in talking over calls, and then there are those, like me, who prefer texts. Texting is so much easier. You don’t have to hear anybody’s voice, you don’t have to wait for them to finish. Just type your thing, hit send, and go back to sleep. Being a text person has its own perks. Here are the signs that you are a text person –

1. You watch your phone ring anytime someone calls you only to pick it up later and text them. This is you with every single person.

2. You convey yourself better when it comes to texting. On talking over the phone or conversing with someone in person, you pretty much don’t say a word.

Text Person

3. You’re so used to talking to people over texts that every time you meet them in person, their voice sounds all new and unknown to you.

4. Even when you are out with people, you prefer using your phone so you can talk to someone over texts. This mostly annoys others but you don’t care.

Text Person

5. Texting brings out the best in you. In person you may be shy, holding back your thoughts. But on texts, you are your own damn self.

6. Whenever someone calls you crying, you tell them to cut the phone and come on WhatsApp. Not because you’re insensitive, but because you console better on texts.

Text Person

7. You’ve had some of the most meaningful conversations with people on texts. In person, you’re hardly able to talk to people, let alone having deep conversations.

8. Every time you’re forced into a conference call by your friend, you want to kill yourself because you can’t even deal with one person over calls, let alone two.

Text Person

9. All the plans you make to meet with people are on texts. And the very moment they are executed, you hate it because it was better to talk to them on texts.

10. You on texts and you over calls or in person are two different personalities. But you like being two different people.

Text Person

I wish everyone was a text person.

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