Types of Teachers

Teacher’s Day Special: Types of Teachers

Teachers are a huge part of our life. Right from nursery to graduation, they’re the ones that educate us. Only one day in a year is not enough to thank them. They’ve seen our full potential and made us believe we could be anything in the world if we put in a little effort. Thank you all for tolerating us and not giving up hope on us when you had the chance to. As an ode to all kinds of teachers who have made us what we are today, Types Of Teachers that every student had in school –

1. The favourite

Every student has this one favourite teacher they’re going to remember for life. Even the naughty ones have a favourite teacher who doesn’t criticize them and stand by them most of the times. Favourite teachers are the best, and when it’s their class, you know nothing can happen to you. Now here, one student’s favourite is not necessarily the favourite of others as well. She may like you, but she surely hates the other kid who keeps talking behind her back in the class and disturbing others.

2. The not so favourite

It doesn’t matter if you were always a scholar in your school, you’ll still have this one teacher you dislike the most. Many a times it’s because of your stupidity, and sometimes when the teacher really is behind your life. She’ll fail you on purpose (or you really don’t write anything worth giving marks), she’ll keep de-motivating you in front of your classmates (or you really are that stupid) and make your life a living hell. On result day, you give instructions to your parents to not even breathe near that teacher. If they do, your ass is getting kicked when they get back home.

3. The PT teacher

PT teachers are the teacher versions of college students. They’re so chilled out, you sometimes wonder whether they really belong to the staff or are just grown up students of the school. PT periods in school were the best because you could take a break from books and go down to play with your pals. There were two phases to every PT period: the mandatory exercise phase, and the do whatever you want to do phase. The latter made PT teachers the best of all. You could break someone’s nose in the name of karate and they couldn’t care less.

4. The maths teacher

On behalf of every student in school, college, university, anywhere, there was nothing more boring than a maths class. No offense to all the maths teachers out there who have seen the shittiest of solutions to questions, you’re actually heroes for tolerating us and our stupidity. We had nothing against the teachers, they tried their best to make us love the subject. But whenever you saw them in the hallway, a part of you died inside remembering how much you suck at maths and how you would have to hide maths marks from your parents until the result day.

5. The crush

Every school had this beautiful/handsome teacher all 8th/9th/10th grade students would drool at. It’s safe to say that they were our first true love. When it was their class, you’d be sitting on the first bench to admire their beauty and hear their voice more clearly. You’d complete all the homework given by them, study hard for their subject and scored well to be in their good books. We’ve all done crazy things like following them and end up asking the most stupid of questions. Ah, things that we do for love!

6. The loved by everyone

There is this one teacher who was sent by the Lord Almighty himself to bless us students. Needless to say, these teachers were everybody’s favourite. They don’t give a lot of homework, never criticize any students, are absolute sweethearts when it comes to explaining things again and believe in interactive classes rather than talking by themselves. You never ever fail in their class. Some way or the other, they always manage to pass each students, unless you’ve written shit in your paper. No saving you from that.


Happy Teacher’s Day!

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