Stages Of A Breakup

The Different Stages Of A Breakup

If you didn’t already know by now, love is a weird thing to be in. It may seem like you have it all together when you’re dating someone, but you realize soon enough that it’s gets really difficult when they leave. Some of us are pretty mature about it. While the others are pretty dramatic. We all have our own ways of dealing with a breakup. Following are the different stages of a breakup –

1. Denial
The very first stage of every breakup is denial. It may be either of you who initiated it, but ultimately you both think how it’s just a stupid fight that’s going to get resolved soon enough. You just feel it really didn’t happen for at least a week. You don’t even tell your friends about it because you believe they’re going to text you soon and everything will be back to how it used to be.

2. Sadness
After a week, you realize this is real. You guys really broke up and there’s nothing you can say or do to make it change. This is where you start telling people how you’re not together. The dramatic ones have a different way of going through this stage. They throw in dialogues like “akele aaya hoon, akele jaaunga” and post random idiotic quotes on social media to deal with their grief.

3. Pretensions
Eventually, you come to realize how being sad is going to take you nowhere. Your friends are pretty annoyed by your behaviour, even though they don’t say anything. Like everything in life, you need to let this go too. However, it’s not easy. So you start pretending like you’re okay, at least in front of other people. This is where you start dealing with it properly and coming to terms with it.

4. Overcoming
After months and months of pretending and silently stalking your ex on social media, there comes a point when you really don’t care anymore. You don’t stop loving them, you just realize you can’t be stuck in this forever. With this realization, comes the handling of this problem maturely. From a hopeless romantic and dramatic soul to a responsible and grown up person, you start changing.

5. Happiness
It’s when you realize that you care more about your well-being that being hung up on someone for your whole life, you are really over that person. The whole breakup journey is complete when you get to this stage where you would trade anything to just be happy in life over anything else. Breakups are never easy, but when you decide you can get over it, you truly can. Think of it as another lesson.

You always get through.

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