Signs That Your Stalking Game Is Strong AF

Signs That Your Stalking Game Is Strong AF

Don’t you deny that you are a professional online stalker. No use acting all sophisticated because we’ve all been there. Who doesn’t like drama? Trying to figure all what that popular school girl is up to right now, or try to find out your ex’s current love interest so that you can either laugh or sob about it is something we’ve all done. And hey, there’s nothing to be ashamed about it. As long as it is healthy and not the reason why you’re broke and homeless, it’s all good. However, the art of stalking comes in different levels. You can either be a beginner, a mediocre or a professional stalker who can get anybody’s bio-data in an hour. Trying to figure out which category you belong to? Following are the signs that your stalking game is strong AF –

  1. Your phone has an updated version of all apps helping you provide a better insight to everyone’s life and giving you many options.
  2. You can make out from a person’s social media pictures and posts if they’re a total creep or someone you can have babies with.
  3. Your idea of fun involves watching cyber fights and silently rooting for the enemy of your enemy with a wine glass in hand.
  4. Your friends always come up to you when they need to find some classified information about someone they like or dislike.
  5. You always take up these stalking activities as an assignment that is going to get you a golden star on some imaginary chart.
  6. Once you’ve given the results of your research to your friend, they don’t question you or ask you to cross check again because you’re work is amazing.
  7. You always tend to erase your search history because you don’t want anyone snooping around your list of stalked people and judge you.
  8. Another reason for clearing search history is because you want your clientele detail to be kept strictly confidential. You’re a professional.
  9. Every time your friends tell you they’ve started seeing someone, you get online to find dirt on the person because you’re a good friend.
  10. In the earlier stages of stalking, you might have clicked the like button quite a lot of time but now, you stay miles away from that.
  11. You know about everything and everyone. People look up to you when it comes to gossips which makes you the life of every party.
  12. People who know you don’t mess with you a lot because they know you can dig up stuff from their past posts within minutes and ruin their life.
  13. You never let your confidential research/stalking collection and gossips go out to anyone who is not capable of keeping a secret.
  14. When your friend tells you to stalk someone they don’t like, you immediately stalk them like you don’t like them too.
  15. You have no mercy when it comes to someone who had hurt you or your friend. You dig up the filthiest details about them and laugh till you’re done with them.

You’re a pro, bro!

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