Signs That Your Social Life Is Ruined

Signs That Your Social Life Is Ruined

Every human being goes through two stages. The first stage is where they like every person they meet. This can be in real life or on social media, anywhere. You are always happy talking to new people, making new friends, and being a social bird. And then comes the second stage, as soon as you enter your 20s, when you realize there’s no meaning to all this and you don’t really like people anymore. This is the stage where your social life starts deteriorating with each passing day. Following are the signs that your social life is ruined –

1. The very thought of getting out of bed to meet someone, any human being at all, gives you nightmares. You cannot get your limbs to move.

2. All the groups on WhatsApp have been muted by you. You’re at the stage where you can’t quit groups but also don’t like them one bit.

Signs That Your Social Life Is Ruined

3. You don’t get event invites anymore on Facebook because you’ve clicked on ‘Not Going’ in so many of them, even Facebook has given up.

4. Your close knit of friends include two three people who keep checking up on your from time to time and make sure you’re not dead.

Signs That Your Social Life Is Ruined

5. Sometimes you really want to go out and chill but the minute the thought enters your mind that there will be others, you go back to sleep.

6. The more people you meet, the more you like to stay in your den. You don’t find any socializing activities entertaining anymore.

Signs That Your Social Life Is Ruined

7. Even social media doesn’t seem that exciting to you. You’re only there to prove a point that you exist and see everything that’s going on.

8. Even if you feel like hanging out with people, your work makes sure you don’t get the free time to chill for a few hours in life.

Signs That Your Social Life Is Ruined

9. You’re so caught up in your own life, you don’t have time to listen to or tolerate any kind of drama that’s coming from other people.

10. Gradually, your social life is going down the drains and you’re watching it get washed away but you don’t understand how to feel about it.

Signs That Your Social Life Is Ruined

Here’s to everyone who feels the same. Cheers!

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