Signs That You Are A Talkative Person

Signs That You Are A Talkative Person

There are two types of people in this world. The first type are the ones who cannot keep quiet even for a second and the second type of people are the ones who can’t bear the first type. Following are the signs that you are a talkative person –

1. You don’t need to be well-versed with something to talk about it. As long as you have a conversation to talk over, you don’t care if what you’re saying makes absolutely no sense.

2. You make a lot of friends because it’s not possible for one person to listen to you all the time. You have backup options ready in case a person gets bored of listening to you.

3. The minute people see you in public, they try to avoid any kind of eye contact with you because they know you’re going to waste a decade of their life talking to you there.

4. Your own family avoids having any kind of verbal communication with you. It’s come to a point where they have started using signs and symbols to communicate with you.

5. You seldom get calles from other people. Nobody wants to waste their precious time and money in listening to you talk about anything and everything without taking any breaks.

6. You have never been able to afford your mobile bills. No matter how much you earn, a major chunk of that money goes into paying mobile bills or getting your phone recharged.

7. You never get bored when you’re traveling somewhere, even if you’re alone. You spark a conversation with strangers if you have nobody, so you’re always entertained.

8. If you don’t have any person to talk to, you speak to yourself in front of the mirror. That way nobody obstructs you or asks you to shut up. You can talk as much as you wish.

9. Your friends don’t hold serious discussions around you. They know that the discussion will go on for a week when you start talking, so they abstain from talking about things.

10. You know you’re a talkative person and you’ve tried to keep quiet a lot of times but you didn’t succeed. At this stage, you’ve made your peace with being the person you are.

Keep talking, you wonderful human being.

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