Shaadi Season

The Shaadi Season Is Here

It’s that time of the year again. The great Indian weddings are back. Whether it’s the food or the opportunity to get together with your loved ones, the shaadi season always gets you excited. Someone you know is getting married soon, and you’ve probably started preparing it by now. With the shaadi season back, here’s a list of things you can expect from Indian weddings –

1. Beauty
Everything about weddings is beautiful. Be it the decorum or the dresses, everything it at its best. We may be seen wearing hoodies and shorts on normal days, but when it’s someone’s wedding, we have our whole wardrobe decided for the various days. Everywhere you look, you’ll be seeing beautiful things and people.

Shaadi Season

2. Friends and family
At weddings, you get to meet everyone. That relative you thought didn’t exist becomes your hangout buddy. It’s like a happy little reunion for all your family and friends. It gets so much more fun when you can enjoy and have the best time of your life with each and every loved one. You look forward to meeting them again.

Shaadi Season

3. Food
Some people go to weddings for meeting people, some go to take a break from life. But the best kinds of people go to weddings to have food. Everyone gets crazy about the food at weddings. You’ll find most of the people at the food counters, eating like there’s no tomorrow. Food makes everyone happy, without a doubt.

Shaadi Season

4. Fun
The dances, the rituals, the music, the dresses, the happiness, weddings are no less than a full-fledged festivity. Everyone who is a part of the wedding has the time of their lives with their loved ones. Every ceremony has a fun element to it. Weddings are all about celebrating bonds and having fun together.

Shaadi Season

Let the shaadi season begin!

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