Planning Your Best Friend's Birthday

Planning Your Best Friend’s Birthday

The pressure of friendships get tough when it’s birthday time. That’s when you get to know if a friendship is strong enough. Being best friends with someone comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s not all fun and games. You need to see if the person they are dating is really worth them or not. You have to constantly give opinions even when they don’t ask for it. And, you have to spend a lot of time planning your best friend’s birthday party to make sure they have the best day of their lives. Yes, it’s tough. Here’s some help to guide you as you make your best friend’s big day into a memorable one –

1. Best gifts
Everyone loves gifts. Those who say they don’t are pathological liars. Gifts are the best way to tell someone how much you love them, and also a great way of saying how you’re better than other people. Your gifts can’t be basic. Anyone can do that. You need to get more innovative and creative to come up with a perfect gift. Unless you’re ready to spend that much of time and energy, don’t even bother calling them your best friend. They can find someone else. Thanks.

Planning Your Best Friend's Birthday

2. Best people
When you’re best friends with someone, you know exactly who they love and loathe. If you don’t, are you even best friends, really? You need to make sure that your best friend is in the company of the people that matter to him/her. You cannot invite people they absolutely cannot stand and expect them to have a best day ever. Before planning, just randomly ask them for their opinions about people and start preparing the guest list. They need to be around people they love.

Planning Your Best Friend's Birthday

3. Best plan
Birthdays are special for everyone. Though with each year, we’re getting closer and closer to death, it’s a thing every human being celebrates. Your best friend’s birthday becomes your responsibility because without them, you wouldn’t have anyone to text to talk about random things. Their birthday cannot be celebrated at a park. The plan has to be well though through and executed in a way they couldn’t even have imagined. And it should change every year.

Planning Your Best Friend's Birthday

4. Best themes
You know your best friend better than anyone else, sometimes even better than their parents. That is something that should be taken advantage of. You already know what they like the best. Throw them a party with a theme and they’re going to enjoy the most. When you have a theme in a party, the chances of people having double the amount of fun is guaranteed. Pick out an appropriate theme based on your best friend’s favourite movie, TV show, or a book and enjoy.

Planning Your Best Friend's Birthday

5. Best day
If your aim of planning their birthday party is not giving them a day their going to remember for their whole life, don’t even bother wasting time. Your best friend deserves the best and you need to make sure they get exactly that, especially on a day that matters to them the most. Everything should be about them. They should be the centre of everything on their birthday, and you need to make sure they’re feeling the best. After all, friendship is all about making each other feel happy.

Planning Your Best Friend's Birthday

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