Planning A Perfect Father's Day

Planning A Perfect Father’s Day

Not that you need a single day to be thankful to your father for everything he does for you, but it’s Father’s Day and you should be doing something. Fathers are really tricky so you have to be very careful with what you surprise them with. Here’s a guide to planning a perfect father’s day –

1. Gift
You know what your father likes better. Whether it’s a collection of the songs of his favourite band, a merchandise of his favourite sport’s team, or clothes, get him something you know would make him feel very happy. Make sure you get something cool and not the usual like a tie or a pen, those gifts are pretty cliched. Get him gifts that will make him feel like a child, something that is close to his heart.

Planning A Perfect Father's Day

2. Family Night Out
Take your whole family out for dinner some place new. Try new things. Have a crazy family night out just driving around the city having things from your father’s favourite places. Give your father a rest and take decisions yourself. Go for long drives to the spots your father loves and listen to him talk about them with enthusiasm. Make everything about him this day. A night with his family is the best gift he could ever receive.

Planning A Perfect Father's Day

3. Weekend Getaway
Why not make Father’s Day into a Father’s weekend? That would be fun. Ask your father which place he would love to visit out of the blue and book tickets for your family to travel there over the weekend. Surprise your father with the tickets and gear up for a weekend getaway to an unexplored land. You can always extend the weekend plan to a week plan, no harm in that. Give your father the best vacation of his life.

Planning A Perfect Father's Day

4. Movie Time
You might know which movie is your father’s favourite. If not, find it out and gear up for a movie marathon with your father. Sit with him throughout the movie, asks questions about it, be really into that movie, share your perspective about the characters, make him feel like you really want to know about his favourite movie and nothing will make him more happy than watching you do that. Watching him explain every aspect of it to you will make you feel good.

Planning A Perfect Father's Day

5. Family Night
Not everything has to be fancy all the time. Low key celebrations are the best. If your father is more of a “let’s chill at home” kind of guy, arrange for an intimate family dinner and chilling scene with all your family members. This will make him more happy than you can ever imagine. Growing up, it gets really difficult to spend time with each other. If you can do that on Father’s Day, your father would really be happy as there’s nothing that he values more than family.

Planning A Perfect Father's Day

All the best.

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