Introverts vs Extroverts

Two kinds of people exist in the world, the Introverts and the Extroverts. For everyone who doesn’t know who they are, introverts are people who aren’t into socializing that much while extroverts are people whose entire life is socializing. There are always these certain traits that the two categories of people that make them poles apart from each other. Here, we discuss the various reactions of extroverts vs introverts at different places. What category are you?

1. At a party

Parties are what heaven looks like for extroverts, and exactly the opposite for introverts, that is hell. At a party, you’ll see extroverts getting along with everyone one, sparking conversations, drinking their heart out and just all over the place. Just one look at them and you’ll know it’s an extrovert. While the introverts are the ones who look like they are about to kill everyone. You’ll see them judging everyone, making faces at everything stupid that happens and ready to leave the party because no party is interesting enough to be away from home and talk to people. Nah bro, just naah!

2. At work

Irrespective of what category you belong to, work is difficult. However, the way introverts and extroverts behave in the work environment is different. An extrovert, on a typical day at work will be seen laughing and giggling, talking all the time, making friends with everyone and with the loudest voice. They’ll always be energetic, no matter if it’s a Monday or Friday. An introvert however will find it a task to get through the whole day without frowning. They hate things, they don’t want to be here no matter what day it is and if you disturb them, you might end up dead so just let them be.

3. At home

This point is not even valid for an extrovert because they hardly stay at home. They’re always out, doing things extroverts do, surrounded with people all the time and chilling. They’re hyperactive human beings who don’t even want to waste time sleeping, they just want humans. Ask an introvert what “home” means to them and they’ll break down in tears right in front of you. Home for introverts is a place where, if given a chance, they would lock themselves into and wouldn’t find a need to come out ever again. They’re so attached to this place because it has nobody except them.

4. At college

At a college where attendance is compulsory, you’ll see both extroverts and introverts in the class in different scenarios. Extroverts will be sitting with other extroverts, making a lot noise and disturbing the whole class. Introverts will be sitting in a corner with their earphones in, only here to sign the attendance sheet. At a college where attendance is not compulsory, introverts won’t even make an effort to leave their perfect home while extroverts will still be at college, roaming around like they own the place. Calm down, maybe?

5. At everything

No matter what the situation or place is, you can always distinguish between extroverts and introverts. For example, if you’re meeting someone for the first time and they approach you first and start with introduction which somehow leads to the name they’ve decided for their babies, you know it’s an extrovert. But if the person stands in the corner looking at you awkwardly, and if you approach them saying hi, they’ll just keep staring at you until you’re creeped out. Yep, they’re the introverts.
To whichever category you belong, you’re amazing!

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