In Your 20s

Everything That Stops Making Sense In Your 20s

The twenties is a weird age to be in. You’re not sure about what just happened or what’s going to happen. You’re just going with the flow, unsure of how everything that comes your way and making adjustments to everything new. In your 20s, you also learn a lot. Things that mattered to you once suddenly don’t feel as important. Here’s how everything stops making sense in your 20s –

1. Friendships
Yes, you were at that wild age once when everyone you met instantly became a friend. Guess what? You won’t be like that anymore. Your group will be limited, the people you talk to on a regular basis will reduce and you’ll realize how people have don’t make sense anymore. This is why most people only have friends that they made way back in school.

In Your 20s

2. Relationships
The more you grow up, the more you realize that you cannot afford to keep your happiness with another person. Investing time in relationships seems a lot to do to you. You see other people in a relationship and thank your stars for not letting you fall for that kind of thing. Relationships involve time investment and you’re not ready for that.

In Your 20s

3. Money
You get paid every month. You utilize it for necessary and stupid things. Then you cry because you don’t have enough money to do things. This never-ending cycle of getting paid and being broke gets to you after a point. You stop believing in the concept of money altogether and wish you could break the cycle somehow.

In Your 20s

4. Future
Five years back, the talk of your future used to get you excited and gleaming. But now, it doesn’t even affect you. By now, you should have been somewhere you’re not at the moment, which so wasn’t the plan, but you have made your peace with it. Anything that includes the word future in it doesn’t excite you at all. You’re just going with the flow.

In Your 20s

5. Life
Remember how you thought life had a purpose and things work out for the best? You don’t believe in that anymore. Life is a boat and you keep swinging the oars till you find the shore. That’s just how things are. You don’t think about it too much now because you know there’s no point. It’s always going to be the opposite of what you think it is. So why fret?

In Your 20s

Welcome to the age of confusion.

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