How to have a perfect house party

How to have a perfect house party

The best cure to stress is a house party with the squad. Isn’t it? You have your own space, you can stay for as long as you want, drink and pass out without being thrown out, and have the best time of your life with the people you love. However, expectations are always better than reality. There’s a lot of things you can screw up in hosting a house party. Which is why we decided to help you with a listicle that answers all your do’s and dont’s. Read through your complete guide to how to have a perfect house party –

1. Lots of food

If you thought people were coming to your house because they love you and want to spend time with you, it’s time you burst that bubble you’re living in. Nobody cares, amigo. You may be throwing a house party because you’re dying and you’re friends wouldn’t give a shit. They’re all coming for one reason among others, and that’s free food. To host a perfect house party, make sure you have enough money to spend on a lot of food. When you’re hosting a house party you have agreed to feed hungry souls four times, namely pre-dinner, dinner, munching while drinking and midnight snack. Don’t even bother calling anybody if you aren’t up for this, unless you want to be murdered brutally.

How to have a perfect house party

2. Music for level 0 to crazy

As a host, you need to do all your research regarding music because this is where people are judging you. You don’t want this to be the end of your social life, as a bad taste in music is directly proportional to loneliness. Just like life, you don’t get second chances to get this thing right. Get your equipment right and have a bomb playlist for every phase of the house party. Music plays a key role in detecting the level of the house party. It starts with slow music to lighten the mood, followed by EDM where everyone suddenly becomes a dancer, which ultimately leads to “aye ganpat baja na”. You HAVE to be ready for all of this and quick in deciding what song goes where.

How to have a perfect house party

3. Booze

This is the second reason why people agree for a house party, free booze. Nobody cares if you’ve just graduated from Harvard, or you just got promoted to CEO, they’re all here because they want to drink till they drop, quite literally. What you have to keep in mind here is everyone’s preferences. You can’t expect someone who loves Old Monk to manage with Smirnoff Vodka, because that just cannot happen. If you don’t want people to throw the drink right at your face, get their tastes right. Also, make arrangements for people who “don’t drink” but take sips from everyone’s glass. Get coke and Sprite for them, mix it with poison and watch them die because they deserve it.

How to have a perfect house party

4. People

Needless to say, a perfect house party requires that amount of people who can keep it entertaining and lively till the last moment. Now you need all kinds of people here, from the dancers to the cry babies who can play their role and never let the party get boring. You need the gossip lovers to provide information when everyone is just sitting enjoying their drinks. You need the dancers to get everyone to dance to the music you arranged. You need the jokers to crack funny jokes on people. You need the cry babies to get drunk and cry their hearts out to end up as a funny video you all will remember till eternity. Make sure you invite people of all kinds.

How to have a perfect house party

5. Energy

I know what you’re wondering, why do you need energy for a perfect house party? Well this is basically after the house party where everyone has left making your house look like a tornado has struck. Will it be a perfect house party if your parents return to watch the house in that state? No, it won’t. You’re hungover, your head aches, but you must keep going. The cleaning process is mandatory because your mom won’t be too happy with what you’ve made out of her house. You need strength to pick up all those Lay’s packets and dispose all the alcohol bottles. May god help you.

How to have a perfect house party
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