Every Introvert At A Party

Every Introvert At A Party

It’s fun being an introvert, but when you have to go out and socialize, it’s not a fun thing to do. When you have friends who like to hangout and chill, they always drag you to parties you have absolutely no interest in going to. You go only because of them, as if they’d leave you on your own, you’d pretty much be a loner in life. Every introvert at a party is something you should see. They’ll always be in the corner somewhere, trying hard to avoid the public eye. Here’s what they are like –

1. If there are pets at a party, don’t even think they’re going to socialize with human beings. They will be chilling with newly made animal friends who are better than people.

2. Alcohol is another thing an introvert will use to divert his attention from others. They’ll always be seen around drinks that will suppress their desire to leave as soon as possible.

Every Introvert At A Party

3. You’ll never see them dancing. No matter how great of a dancer they are, they wouldn’t be introverts if they danced around people easily. They keep all the fun to themselves.

4. You’ll mostly see introverts at a party around extroverts. That’s how they stay low key. Around an extrovert, nobody will be able to take notice of them.

Every Introvert At A Party

5. Food, of course. Another reason why they agree to go out with their extrovert friends is because of the promise of food. They’re always up for eating as it’s a good way to kill time.

6. Introverts will probably be seen going in and out of the party a lot. When there’s too many people, they feel suffocated and like to go out to get some fresh air and energy.

Every Introvert At A Party

7. An introvert who likes to read will probably be chilling in the bath tub sipping wine and reading a book. At a party, that’s how they like to roll and avoid attention.

8. Unlike extroverts, introverts like to be in an area that has less light. That’s how people will not see their face a lot and they get to stay in the shadows like they always do.

Every Introvert At A Party

9. If they meet people like them who have been dragged to the party against their interest, they’ll make friends. It becomes like a little ‘we have extrovert friends’ club.

10. And lastly, you’ll always see them sipping their favourite drink and eating food, judging every person who is being weird and mentally evaluating them as they please.

Every Introvert At A Party

It is fun being introverts, indeed.

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