Changes that occur in your twenties

Changes that occur in your twenties

There comes a phase in your life where you just cannot afford being the person you once were, and that phase is your twenties. You were a carefree college kid, partying day and night, but you’re not that anymore. You’re someone who has to mature drastically now, because if it doesn’t come naturally to you at this stage, it never will. As they say, there’s only one thing that constant, and that’s change. You’re changing and you need to embrace that. Following at the changes that occur in your twenties –

1. Friends

Ever since childhood, friends have been the most influential in shaping our personality. Getting to know strangers who are your own age, communicating with them and turning them into family is what everyone does. In most cases, friends you know from school become your friends for life. Until your 20s, most of you were studying and didn’t make any major change in your life. However, after graduation, y’all start drifting apart. Not because you hate each other, but because life happens. Some of you might get busy with their jobs, while the others might relocate in a different place altogether pursuing their dream. Nothing is going to stop you from being friends, but the time you spent together will definitely get affected.

2. Grown Up

All your life until now, you were always treated like a baby. Your parents ignored your carelessness giving you an opportunity to improve (which you never did), you were allowed to act immature even when you yourself knew better, you weren’t pressurized into doing something you didn’t want to do. But now, you’re a grown up. No more lying around at the couch and watching television all day. You’re supposed to be living the adult life all of a sudden and you’re not even trained to do so. All these years you thought you’re someone, and one fine day you’re told you’re not that person anymore.

3. Career

This is not something that you’re forced to do, but something that you start worrying about. You’re a graduate and you just cannot live off your parents anymore. You yourself start feeling uncomfortable when you don’t have a job. You want to work, make money, contribute and have a career just like everyone else. People around you are doing something with their lives, they’re not free to hangout just like that anymore. Things are changing and you want to be a part of that change. You want to be able to say “sorry, I’m working” as well, which makes you kind of responsible as you want to concentrate on building a better future for yourself.

4. Talking like adults

Up until now, you and your gang were all about amateur talks and drunk night outs. But once you’ve entered this new phase in your life, y’all start talking about things that matter. People who know are getting married, engaged and having babies, and you know that’s going to happen for you five years down the line. You start thinking about things that you didn’t care about once upon a time. Deep conversations at 4 am in the morning become more of your thing. You talk about commitment, marriage, life, or simply anything you once swore you wouldn’t get into. That doesn’t make you less cool, you’ve just grown up.

5. Responsible

You may have spent a world at McDonalds earlier, but once you start earning on your own, you start valuing everything you have. Showing up at home late in the night is not something you would do in your twenties, mostly because you don’t have any time to waste anymore. You start spending your time, you money, your thoughts and opinions wisely, because you know it’s a mature thing to do. You’ll spend your holiday resting at home rather than going out. Everything you do will simply reflect this one fact that you’ve changed, and for the better.
Here’s to growing up, mate!

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