Going home

Things that happen when you visit home for vacation

Holidays are meant for family. You either visit them voluntarily, or you are made to come during that time. At first you don’t want to go, and then you don’t want to leave. Things that happen to everyone when they visit home for a vacation –

Bohot dubla ho gaya hai

This is like the standard way of welcoming at every household. You don’t even enter your house and people say you’ve lost so much wait because hey, that’s more important than your presence. And that’s followed by a lot of statements like, “khana nahi dete mere bache ko kya?”, “har din bahar ka khata hai na tu?”, “kya haal ho gaya hai bichare ka!” and so on and so forth. Suddenly everything becomes about your diet and you can’t help but nod.


Do I know you?

That brother of yours who didn’t even hit puberty, suddenly has beard. That sister who had braces and looked like a kid suddenly walks around like Selena Gomez. You don’t recognize your own sibling and it gets embarrassing, very embarrassing. although it’s only the appearance that has changed, you feel like you don’t know them anymore, and it gets awkward. So much changes when you’re apart that you almost walk past your siblings.


Please Stop

Aaj tera favourite khana banaya hai, tujhe sab khaana padega”, and the food is more even for a family of fifteen people. mom’s list of things that you haveto eat never ends, because that’s how love is showed in India, make ‘em eat till the stomach bursts open. You don’t want to eat, and you don’t want to fight, so you do what is best for everyone, torture your stomach. You want to yell “Please stop, for heaven’s sake”, but you can’t, as from the age of six we know, NEVER SAY NO TO MOM. When the whole trauma is over,  the whole idea of eating terrifies you for the next two days.



Birthdays are a big deal in families. You forgot your cousin’s 10th birthday? Be ready to hear him complain about it for the rest of his life. Living away, you almost forget your own sibling’s birthday and then hear them crib about it. And god forbid if you forgot to get them a gift while coming, you are in trouble, my friend. And you can’t even ask for help to your parents, you brought this on yourself. If your sibling is less dramatic, sorry can work. But if your sibling is a prick, good luck!


The pain of leaving

That went so fast! It seems as if just after a minute ago you had come and now it’s time to leave. Our families can be eccentric, irritating even, but we love them no matter what. And the mere thought of going back to that monotonous life of yours makes you want to stop time and relive all those moments that you spent with them. It is just so devastating to see all those happy faces turning into sad ones because you have to leave.


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