New Year Party

Types Of People At A New Year Party

The last day of 2017 is upon us. Tonight, if you’re not raging with your best friends and family, you’re not doing it right. New year parties are the best. One minute you’re just chilling, listening to music and dancing, and the other minute you’re puking on the rooftop of some building. Good times, indeed. The bigger the party, the more weird people you will find. Here are the different types of people at a new year party –

1. The dancers
Some people come to a new year party only to dance their heart out. All the frustration of the year, the sadness, the stress, everything, is forgotten when their favourite song plays on the speaker. These kinds of people don’t care about anything as long as there is good music they can break a leg to. They start the new year dancing, just like everyone should.

New Year Party

2. The drinkers
They don’t really care about it being the new year. They’re just here for the drinks. You’ll always find them sitting beside the love of their lofe, that is alcohol, sipping and judging everyone in the corner. You have all the fun at their expense, as they start doing all stupid activities once the alcohol hits them. Thanks for all the memories, drinkers.

New Year Party

3. The eaters
The only way to make sure they are coming to the party is to have lots of food at home. Like alcohol motivates the drinkers to show up, food motivates the eaters. You’ll find them near the food, hogging like it’s their last day on earth. If you see, isn’t this the best way to welcome the new year? Eating till you drop, beginning the new year like you should.

New Year Party

4. The philosophers
Every new year party has this one person who likes to discuss anything and everything. They start with discussing how the year went away so fast, how many good and bad things happened this year, and why it’s useless to expect things from the next year. They become the philosophers of the party, sitting with a bunch of people, imparting the knowledge they don’t have.

New Year Party

5. The early pass outs
Every year, there will be this one person who is the most excited for the New Year party. They will be on top of everything when it comes to planning and executing the plan, claiming to make it bigger than the last year. When the day comes, you’ll see them drinking so much that they’ll pass out even before it’s 12. So much for all the planning, right?

New Year Party

Have the best New Year Party ever!

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