How To Spend Saturday Night

How To Spend Saturday Night

They should officially call Saturday as Saturyay because it’s such a cool day. You don’t have to go to work on the next day as it’s Sunday, you’re not tired of the day’s work like Friday and it’s certainly not a weekday anymore. All the week’s stress, relationship problems, personal issues, hatred towards your boss, emotions of killing people and other things that tire you on the other days, you can forget about them all. Confused as to what to do tonight? Here’s our list of how to spend Saturday night –

1. Netflix/Movie night

There’s nothing that helps you escape all your stress and worries like movies. For some hours you can not worry about your story and concentrate on someone else’s. Pick a movie from your favourite genre, grab a glass of red wine, keep the pizza box close to your heart and lose yourself in the movie. You could also watch some great shows on Netflix, especially the Gilmore Girls Revival, now that it’s back. If you can’t decide, go for horror films. They’ll keep you intrigued for a lot of time.

2. Dine out

You right there, yes you, you’re a hardworking person who doesn’t get enough credit. You put yourself out there and people just walk right past you. Everything that you don’t deserve happens to you all day and only you can treat yourself. You deserve a good meal that’ll lift your spirits up and keep you ready for all the horrors of the next week. Order some good food at home or just go outside yourself. If you have a partner, you both deserve to indulge in the delicious french cuisine.

3. Clubbing

A night where you don’t have to hear any human being’s voice and completely lose yourself to music? HELL YEAH! Get your squad and go clubbing. You could also try bar hopping the entire night and get drunk like crazy. It’s all good for the system. Just keep in mind that you don’t have your phone with you when drunk or the next day you’ll be having a lot of problems to deal at once. Other than that, clubbing is a good way to spend Saturday night out of your home.

4. House Parties

If you want to connect with your squad and gossip all night long, plan a house party at someone’s house. House parties are the best thing to ever happen to humanity, after cake of course. It’s here where you can be totally crazy without worrying about strangers judging you all the time. Everyone is all chill, being themselves and it’s a lot more easy on the pocket. Hey, you want to have fun but you’re also kinda broke. Let’s not get too carried away and be homeless for the next month.

5. Sulk and wait for Monday

Yes it’s saturday. Yes you deserve the fun. But you’re life is not going anywhere. You have been single since the beginning of mankind and will remain that way in the near future. Your work sucks. You don’t have any money to cope up with your desires and your crush is engaged. There’s nothing good about your life so you should probably sulk and wait to start another week without doing anything happy. I’m just kidding, good things will come child. You go order that pizza.

Have a great Saturyay ya’all!

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