living away from home

What living away from home teaches you

1. Responsible

We don’t really care about anything when at home. Showing up drunk at the doorstep at 2:00 in the night and not worrying at all, is something we can do at home because there’s always someone to take our burden of responsibilities. But living away from home, when you have the freedom to party like crazy, you start taking things with responsibility because you cannot risk anything when you’re not surrounded by your family.

Away from home

2. Adaptive

You may refuse to accept change back at home but when you’re away, you become adaptive. Your family is well accustomed to the lifestyle you live, but when you live with roommates, they may not like your ways. You as well might not like the way they lead their lives, where a need arises for meeting at a middle way. Certain compromises are made by you, while certain by them, which makes you more adaptive to change, which is a necessity in today’s world.

Away from home

3. Importance of friendship

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Staying away from home, you start taking friendship seriously and how important they become in your life, is determined by you. They become people who seen you at your best and at your worst. They become your advisers, appreciate you when you achieve something, and motivate you. Gradually, they become family and you start valuing them.

Away from home

4. Independence

Washing clothes, cooking food, cleaning – all these things we never did at home. Someone or the other would always do it for us, mostly our moms. But when you live away, there is nobody to do things for you anymore, so you start doing them yourself. For that matter, even things like solving problems has to be done by us. This makes you independent and self-reliant. When you do everything by yourself, it makes you feel proud and you start preaching it.

Away from home

5. Maturity

When you live away from home and start taking matters in your own hands, you start valuing everything. You spend wisely, you act responsibly, you think twice before you do something. Taking care about the little things in life, leads to maturity. You realize that you have finally grown up as you survive all by yourself in the real world and the feeling of making it through against all odds makes you feel good about yourself.

Away from home

6. Nothing like home

Living away from home makes you miss your hometown more. You may not value it when you lives there, but even little things start reminding you of your home. You start valuing your relationships with family members, and most importantly, you now start thinking how simplified your life was back at home. You realize the importance of your parents, and how they had your back every time you screwed up. Such realizations turn you into a better person.

Away from home


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