Things You Will Find In Every Guy's Bag

Things You Will Find In Every Guy’s Bag

If you thought it’s only the girls that carry loads of things in their bags, you’re wrong. Guys have their own set of necessary things they need while traveling, which is why their bag packs look like it contains a mountain within. Following are the things you will find in every guy’s bag –

1. Deodorant
Body sprays and deodorants are the need of the hour. This weather leaves nobody. Unless you want to look all sweaty and smell weird, you carry a deo with you all the time. You never know when you might have to face the sun, and you also don’t know when you might run into Scarlett Johansson. You need to be prepared for the latter always.

2. Earphones
Nobody likes meeting old classmates while on the go. You can ignore them like you always do, but what if they call you. You can’t pretend to be deaf. Earphones are something that’ll help you do that. Irrespective of being a girl of a guy, you need earphones so you can pretend you’re in a music video in public.

3. Mints
You’ll always find loads of mints in every guys bag for reasons unknown. After every meal or snack, they’ll pop a mint and begin chewing again. A guy’s bag will have mints from the last century, so don’t trust everything that comes out. But you do know who to go to when you want to want to chew something but aren’t really hungry.

4. Snacks
To be fair, everyone has snacks in their bag. It’s not a guy or girl thing. The only thing that gets us all going is food. We all keep food in our bag because we like to know that we’re not going to die of starvation if we’re abducted by bandits. Chips, cookies, chocolates or just anything edible should be a travel essential everywhere.

5. Hoodies
Guys and their hoodies is a better love story than Twilight. They are so possessive about their hoodies, they like to carry it everywhere. In their defense, they never know when they might feel cold, or when their hoodie might be needed to protect someone from the cold.

Necessary things first.

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