Book Lovers Day

Why Books Will Be Our Forever Best Friends

If it wasn’t for books, introverts wouldn’t have been able to survive in this world full of people who like small talk and socializing. Books can be best friends, if you don’t like human beings. On International Book Lovers Day, let’s thank our constant companions and know why books will be our forever best friends –

1. Knowledge
Best friends should be able to help you grow, it’s not all fun and games. And books are all about growing. They provide you with so much knowledge, with every new book that you read. Books will be our best friends forever because we get to learn something new every day.

Book Lovers Day

2. Best of every world
One person cannot have many qualities in them, but you can’t befriend every person you meet. But books, there are plenty to choose from, and you can read them all. With books, you have the best of every world, from mystery to romance, from horror to comedy, there’s so much to explore.

Book Lovers Day

3. Available in your type
Everyone has a type. Whether is comes to people or books, there’s always a certain type we’re looking for. Now it’s not guaranteed that you’re going to find exactly the kind of person you’re looking for, but with books, you can sure. Just pick what genre you like and get to reading.

Book Lovers Day

4. No demands
Books are not like human beings. They don’t get cranky, or talk to you only when they need you. They don’t demand anything from you. The best relationship you can have in this world is with a book. There’s no drama, no annoyance, no stupidity. They’re the most loyal friends you could ask for.

Book Lovers Day

5. Companion forever
With a book, you don’t have to live in the constant fear of them leaving you. They are your companions forever. Even if you’re done reading them once, they’ll always be there for you when you want to go back to them. Books along with a cup of good coffee make companions for life.

Book Lovers Day

Happy Book Lovers Day, ya’ll!

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