What To Do When Hungover At Work

What To Do When Hungover At Work

We’ve all been there. A weekday dinner plan with friends turns into “let’s just have one drink”. That again turns into “okay, one more, but that’s it” and we all know what happens after that. Two drinks suddenly turn into twenty and all you’re worried about is how you’re going to show up at work the next day. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that. But is that going to stop you from going out on weekdays? Absolutely not. There’s no giving up on plans just because you’re a grown up and have responsibilities. So how do you handle the next day? Pay attention here because what follows is a series of life changing advises that will help you. Here’s what to do when hungover at work –

1. Number one thing to do is make your eyes look like they weren’t up all night looking at drinks pass down one by one. Wear glasses to work and say you have conjunctivitis.

2. You have to be a good actor in life to be able to act sober at work even when there are sirens playing in your head. Practice in front of the mirror and become an expert.

What To Do When Hungover At Work

3. Carry earplugs with you. People are irritating and they’ll keep speaking in loud voices to irritate you. Because of workplace etiquette, you won’t be able to hit them in the head.

4. You’ll need to start practicing how to sleep with your eyes open. Hangovers can only be cured when you’re getting sound sleep. This technique might be helpful for a lot of things.

What To Do When Hungover At Work

5. Don’t let that earphone out of your ears. It’s not necessary to play songs. It’s just how to don’t have to respond to every coworker when they call. You can always say you didn’t hear.

6. Put a do not disturb sign on your cubicle with a huge danger sign to scare people away. That gives a clear indication to people that today is not a day to approach you.

What To Do When Hungover At Work

7. Spend most of your work time in the restroom. Nobody would ask you why you’re doing that because they’ll think you have a lose stomach. At least you wouldn’t have to deal with them.

8. Carry a lot of juice at work and keep sipping on them. Your body will need detoxification after all those toxic drinks you chugged last night not worrying about tomorrow.

What To Do When Hungover At Work

9. Build a fort of boxes around you cubicle. If someone asks what you are doing, say there’s some important work that you need to concentrate without any disturbance. Voila!

10. Stay away from your boss as much as you can. He doesn’t want to know what a mess you are. Just for a day pretend that he doesn’t exist and avoid him. This is very important.

What To Do When Hungover At Work

Please take notes. You need it, you alcoholic.

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