Monday Blues

Getting Over The Monday Blues

It’s Monday again! Why! Why did weekends only have to last for two days? How is any of this fair? Who made the concept of time and days? Why does it always come back to Mondays? Why oh why! Monday blues are a thing. You can Google it. It happens when you really don’t feel like getting up on a Monday after two days of sleeping in and doing nothing. But then again, life should go on. There’s an end to every Monday, so hang in there. Here’s how you should get over the Monday blues –

1. Acceptance
It’s Monday, accept it. You can’t change the time. You can only complain but do you really want to start the week on that note? No, you don’t. The first step to getting over the Monday blues is acceptance. No amount of tears or broken things can change that fact.

Monday Blues

2. Ignorance
It won’t be Monday if you don’t think about it. Don’t let that cross your mind at all. It’s just another day in the calendar where you have to earn the money you’re going to lavishly spend on food on the coming weekend. Monday, Tuesday or whatever day, your goal remains unchanged.

Monday Blues

3. Creativity
This might be a good opportunity for you to put all that anger and frustration to good use. Draw or write about how much you hate Mondays, or make a song about it. Start doing this every Monday and you’ll start appreciating the day. It’ll become your creativity day.

Monday Blues

4. Patience
You really cannot do anything about it being Monday. The only thing you can do is patiently wait for it to get over. In just four days time, you’ll be in the sweet embrace of the weekend and it won’t matter anymore. Well, at least for another two days it won’t.

Monday Blues

5. Hope
Better days are coming for you, my friend. They’re called Saturday and Sunday. Just because they seem far away right now, doesn’t mean you give up all hope. You’ve pulled off the happy face on many such Mondays, you can do that again. Get yourself together, you got this.

Monday Blues

Still got them Monday blues?

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