Bachelor Must Have Apps

The bachelor must have apps

When you’re living alone/ away from home, almost everything has to be done by you. There’s nobody to help you out, which is why you need some alternative that is less complicated and easy to use. For a generation obsessed with smartphones, the best of all worlds is right in front of you. From games to clothes, there’s really nothing your smartphone cannot do. While you’ve already been using it for social network, why not download some apps that could help you out? The bachelor must have apps –

1. Pokemon Go

Topping the list is the worldwide sensation app that has been breaking records ever since it’s release. If you don’t know what Pokemon Go is, Google it asap, ‘cause you’re really missing out on something that is every 90s kid’s dream. A game where you go around hunting for Pokemons in the real world is something you definitely want to have on your phone. When you’re not working and are bored of staying at home, grab your phone and get out there. Who wouldn’t want to be a Pokemon Trainer anyway?

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2. Zomato

All men must die, all men must serve and all men must eat. You’re living alone, you have no idea how to cook food (all thanks to your inability to learn), but that shouldn’t stop you from eating. Zomato is by far the best app to find restaurants around your area. From ratings, to accurate prices and unfiltered review from food lovers all around, Zomato helps you in finding the best places to eat. You can also add your own reviews helping food lovers decide the best place to eat. Happy eating!

Bachelor must have apps

3. BookMyShow

You know the best therapy in the world? Movie time. Stress, homesick or missing someone? Just book tickets to a movie you know you’d love and forget about everything for sometime. BookMyShow is the best alternative to standing in queue for booking a ticket. Given that you’re lazy almost every time of the day, you have the option of making payments online, picking your favourite seats and also, buying what you want to eat. BookMyShow is not just about movies. Standup comedies, theatre, music festivals and a wide range of other recreational activities come under one roof to make your life easy. 

Bachelor must have apps

4. Uber/Ola

Getting around in cities is no cakewalk. Public transport is a mess because of the crowd. You can’t make in 15 minutes without getting punched by someone in the face unintentionally. Let’s not even get started on how your look completely changes from dapper to disgusting once you get down public transport. This is where Uber and Ola turn out to be a blessing. Download the app, book a cab, reach your destination in comfort and pay appropriately. With the new UberPool and Ola Share, you pay even less to travel in comfort. What else do you need to get around town?

Bachelor must have apps

5. Paytm

In today’s world, nobody roams around with a lot of cash in their pockets. It’s the era of online payments and Paytm wallets. For people like us who tend to be careless in every other thing, this is like a boon in technology. You don’t need to carry money with you, just this simple app download from Playstore/Appstore will do. You can do get countless amount of work done like recharging your mobile, paying for groceries among others that make life a little less complicated than it already is. Paytm and apps of the same kind also provide with coupons which means free stuff. Don’t you love free stuff?

Bachelor must have apps

6. Sports Apps

At work but need to know if United beat Chelsea and by how much? Don’t worry. There are a dozen of apps available according to the sports you like that you can download. Cricbuzz, SportsKeeda,, Eurosport, among others help sport fans get the latest news and score updates. Some apps like Eurosport provide details of all sports tournaments being held around the world. So you don’t have to live stream matches or hunt for a television screen nearby anymore. Just download the app and enjoy.

Bachelor must have apps

7. Mobile banking

In this busy world, who really has the time to visit banks every other day? However, deposits and withdrawals are something that won’t stop. How do you make time for doing these then? Thanks to technology, banks have come straight to our smartphones. You can make transactions online without having to go to the bank physically. Various banks offer such services that help customers in carrying out bank activities without compromising on their schedule. Isn’t it cool?

Bachelor must have apps

8. Online shopping

Life is so hard and fast in cities that you hardly have time to pay attention to yourself. While you’re busy working, you don’t pay a lot of attention to your wardrobe which could use a makeover. So what do you do? Dedicate a whole day to up your clothing game? That’s really not needed. Spare a few hours, choose the clothes and accessories that you think would look good on you, add to cart, select mode of payment and get things delivered to your home directly. Yep, it’s that simple. Most online shopping websites also provide with return policies.

Bachelor must have apps
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