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5 ways to respond to “I love you”

We’ve all been in that situation when someone you really don’t like says I love you and you’re standing there, wishing if there were less cruel ways of saying no. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Presenting, five effective responses to I love you, that are less ruthless, but definitely convey the message.

“I like how neat you are.”

A guy you’re not even remotely interested in asked you out? No problem. Say this. Reason why this answer is better? Because this is not really a ruthless way of breaking his or her heart. You’re complimenting a person and that’s doesn’t make you a bad human being. You’re the good human here, relax. You can also say “I like your hair” so that they can be satisfied that at least you love some part of them. If you can, smile while saying it. Now they may stay silent still expecting a better answer, all you gotta do is say “so let’s have nachos” and walk away. Simple.

Responses to I love you

“Can I answer that tomorrow?”

Yes, this answer was once given by a genius girl to a guy she did not like. Now you may say she’s evil, she could’ve said no instead of giving him hope till the next day, but guess what, she doesn’t care, because he was a creep. It works wonders as they don’t look at you like they’re killing you in their mind, because technically, you haven’t said no yet. This is actually a really cool answer because not only the bullet is dodged at least for twenty four hours, but you can always not answer the next day and say you forgot. And then the normal, “it’s not you, it’s me” thing. You know the drill. *wink*

Responses to I love you

Thumbs up

When they say I love you, just thumbs up them. You gotta appreciate their standards, they love you, which means they are into cool people, and they’ll be doing good things in life, but not with you. Nope, that ain’t happening. So for a thumbs up to work, you need to have a really good line which follows, so that your message is clear, that you’re not into them. You can say “Okay, but I don’t think you deserve me, you deserve so much better. I’m not a good person, and certainly not a good person to have someone like you. So let’s not get there. Okay?” or “I killed someone, so I’ll have to go to jail in five days.  And long distance relationships never last, so obviously, this cannot happen, sorry.” This will work, trust me.

Responses to I love you

“Oh my god, you’re so funny!”

And burst into a laughter. A laughter that lasts for a decade. Don’t give them a chance to say anything, just keep laughing. Now if you can’t keep laughing for that long without looking like a complete fool, just walk after away after laughing. If they’re creepy, they’ll follow you and say they are serious. Say, “please stop, you’ll kill me with all these jokes!” and start laughing again. This time, try falling to the ground while laughing. While at it, gather your things and rush home as soon as possible, before they follow you again. And, don’t forget to thank me.

Responses to I love you

“Thank you.”

This is by far the best response to I love you. You don’t love them back, but you’re grateful that they love you, and that is why you’re going to thank them. This is the most polite way of saying you’re not interested. So many people have used this as a response, so you don’t have to say anything except this. Just a thank you, and they will know you don’t have the same feelings. Also, try smiling, and even adding “aww” before.  A hug after thank you will work for your benefit, just make sure you say thank you before it. No, it doesn’t make you a cruel person, you’ll be going to heaven.

Responses to I love you

Don’t say I love you until you mean it.


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