Why Chocolate Is Better Than People

Reasons Why Chocolate Is Better Than People

Today being the chocolate day according to the Valentines Week calendar, I honestly don’t understand why only one day is needed to cherish and appreciate this eating commodity that should be worshiped like god. In honour of all kinds of chocolates sold worldwide, we give you 15 reasons why chocolate is better than people.

1. Chocolate has no demands. It will serve its purpose and you don’t have to worry about giving back.

2. With chocolate, you don’t have to worry about it turning bitter and saying or doing things that will hurt you.

3. Chocolate provides comfort more than anything else in this world. It will make sure you’re feeling good after consuming it.

4. Chocolate will never call you fat. In fact, it will encourage you to consume more of it without counting your calorie intake.

5. Chocolate will never get jealous of other food items. They agreed on a non-exclusive relationship with you.

6. Chocolate makes sure it caters to all your needs before it’s over. If not, there’s always another pack.

7. Chocolate is always happy to see you just like you are. It never expresses disappointment or ignores you like other people.

8. Chocolate doesn’t point out all your flaws. Instead it encourages you to be yourself and not care about the world.

9. Chocolate never disappoints you. It’s not like one day it tastes good and the other day it doesn’t. It’s constant.

10. Chocolate loves you unconditionally. It doesn’t care if you’re too much to handle. All it needs is you.

11. Chocolate never discriminates. It won’t love you one day and suddenly leave you for another. It knows you’re better than everyone else.

12. Chocolate keeps up its promises. It claims to soothe your mind in crisis and does exactly that when you’re upset.

13. You can always rely on chocolate more than people to make you feel happy. It’ll always be there by your side.

14. You feel more connected to chocolate that your friends because chocolate doesn’t call you stupid every time you say something.

15. Everyday is chocolate day to be honest because you don’t need a stupid week to enjoy your one true love.

Chocolate over bros.

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