Why beer is better than people

Why beer is better than people

On the auspicious occasion of International Beer Day, we would like to take the opportunity to thank a friend who’s been there through thick and thin with us. Beer, the unsung hero of every depressed night is the pal you need right beside you. There’s not really anything we hate about it; it’s flawless. As an ode to our buddy, we list down the reasons as to why beer is better than people –

  1. Beer will never judge you according to your looks. It doesn’t care if you’re ugly as fuck, it’ll be there for you always.
  1. People might only stay during happy days, but beer’s there for all times. No matter what you’re celebrating or crying about, it’ll always be in your hand.  
  1. Beer is all about unconditional love. It doesn’t lay any terms for being with you. It won’t ask you to prove your love.
  1. Beer doesn’t try to stop you from doing what you want to do. In fact, it’ll be your partner in crime in every stupid thing you do.
  1. Beer doesn’t expect you to take it out on fancy dates. A night in with popcorn and favourite sitcom will do.
  1. Beer will never ignore you. It’s in your fridge, chilling out (literally), hanging with other beers cans, awaiting your attention.
  1. Beer doesn’t get boring. In fact, with every sip you take, the world around you starts getting interesting than ever.
  1. When you’re sad, beer doesn’t stay stupid things like “don’t be sad”. It will help you get over your sadness and be of use instead.
  1. Beer doesn’t complain about you not talking to it for many days. It knows you’re busy and patiently waits for you to take a break.
  1. Beer will never cheat on you. Your can of beer will always be your can of beer and nobody else’s.
  1. Beer will never give you strange looks when you show up in front of it wearing pajamas. You can be naked standing right in front of it, and it wouldn’t care.
  1. Beer doesn’t try to advise you. It believes in you, even if you decide to show up at your ex’s and burn their house down. It never says no.
  1. Beer will never annoy the shit out of you by saying stupid things instead of shutting up when you could really use the silence.
  1. Beer is cheap, unlike people’s company. You don’t have to work too hard to get it. Just a few bucks in your pocket and you’re sorted.
  1. You always have a shoulder to cry on with beer. Had a breakup? Fired? Favourite TV character died? Get a beer and cry.

Why beer is better than people

It’s safe to say that we should all just break contacts with every person we know and switch to beer. Have more reasons to add? Comment below.  
Happy International Beer Day, y’all!

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