Types of moms

Types of Moms

Mothers, the most beautiful people on earth, are the ones we see first after being born. They’re our superheroes, always ready to solve our problems and help us in anyway they can. There’s not really a list of things they do for us, because our whole life revolves around them. However, there are some traits in mothers that we would love to have an explanation for. Nobody knows why they do this, what benefit do they derive out of it and how it helps them. Here are the Types Of Moms people have –

1. The Chandler Bings

Did you know that Chandler Bing was inspired by Indian moms? Well now you do. “Mat kha khana”, “Haan beta, jaake so jaa”, “Padhaai karke kiska bhala hua hai”, all these are typical sarcastic mom statements directed to us on daily basis. They’re said in such condescending tone, you know it’s not true at all. Moms have this way of communicating that is more difficult than understanding Morse Code. There’s no point to it really, we still do whatever it is that we want to do. However, that doesn’t stop them. Maybe they get energy from sarcasm.

2. The Fake Experts

Has your mom ever acted like she’s really quiet and non-violent in front of your friends? She has done it with so much expertise that many a times you were in disbelief of she being your mom. Yep, moms are great actresses. If they were given lead roles in the movies, they’d come back with Oscars. You get to witness this talent when you have to get to a party. She won’t allow you for reasons known to her. Then when your friend comes over and asks her, she’ll act as if you didn’t ask her about anything or she’ll say she said yes. And you’re just sitting there wondering whether you even know this woman or not.

3. The Example Givers

These moms have an example for every situation. Scored less in your exams? “Sharma Ji ke bete ko do guna zyaada aaye hain!” Listening to new party songs? “Humaare zamane mein aise gaane nahi bante the!” Broke a vase by mistake? “Maine toh kabhi ek cheez bhi nahi todi hai ghar ki!” Want to go to an expensive restaurant? “Maine toh kabhi itne paise udaae hi nahi hai fisool cheezon mein!” They have a reference to everything you say, every situation that occurs in your life has already happened in her life. And she’ll constantly keep reminding you from her “past experiences” that she took better decisions than you.

4. The Other Moms

There’s your mom who always yells at you, keeps attacking you with sarcasm, doesn’t allow you for parties easily and always finds a way to prove you are wrong. And then there are these other moms who seem so chilled out. The other moms seem so tempting, you want them to be your moms. But then you remember that your mom is The Other Mom for your friends. Jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi is actually said by someone who thought the Other Moms are cool but realized that they’re exactly like your mom. Only their kids know how cool they really are.

5. The “don’t have a name for this” Moms

Moms are in general weird people. They’re so weird, that I don’t have a name for this category of moms. So everyday story of your house is “chaaval, daal, roti, sabji” which is made both the times, for lunch and dinner. No change in the menu, be it any special day. But when there are guests coming over, the menu changes drastically. It’s raining burgers, daal makhanis, paneer koftas and pulaos in your house. What is it with you and guests, woman? Are we not special enough that you would want to feed us tasty stuff? Do we start becoming guests at our own house to? What does a person do to get daal makhani around here?

6. The All Of The Above

This is every mom. A compilation of all these characteristics. They’re sarcastic as hell. Can’t go a second without some sarcastic comment on your lifestyle. They’re good at faking. In front of your friends they’ll transform into someone you don’t recognize at all. They always have examples ready for anything you do. They’re all The Other Moms to every child. Every child likes their friend’s mom. And they all make amazing food only when guests arrive. There’s a whole multiple personality thing going on with every mom, and no, it has no cure.
But we love you mommy. Now can we get daal makhani?

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