Things You Should Do On Valentine's Day

Things You Should Do On Valentine’s Day

The dreaded day is here. If you are one of the people who have to work and don’t have any plans for tonight or the whole week, Happy Tuesday to you. There’s no denying the fact that today is the day of people in love, but why should couples have all the fun? Instead of sulking in bed, you can do more exciting deeds. Here’s the different things you should do on Valentine’s day –

1. Rat out your friends
You may have friends who haven’t told at home what they’ll be doing today. For all you know, they might have said they’re with you but are actually busy canoodling with their better halves. Why should you not get any action today? Call up their parents and create a havoc in their lives. Watch their parents beat them up while you sit in the corner and enjoy. That’d be a good way to spend today.

Things You Should Do On Valentine's Day

2. Photobomb couple selfies
Go to the places in your city where most couples would hangout today. You’ll look like a loner walking streets all by yourself but that’s what you really are so it doesn’t matter. Just look out for couples taking selfies and bam! Photobomb their selfies every time making funny faces until they run away from you. Just make sure they’re not filing a police complain because spending v-Day in jail would suck.

Things You Should Do On Valentine's Day

3. Creep out couples
You excel at creeping out people which is why it’s been so many years since you’re single. Use those creepy tactics to creep out couples and ruin their perfect evening or togetherness. Dress like cupid and shower flowers on them, try some magic tricks in front of them or just randomly shout while pretending to talk over the phone. Again, don’t end up in jail because no one will come to bail you out.

Things You Should Do On Valentine's Day

4. Reserve tables in every restaurant
This is going to probably cost you but the end result is worth it. Couples usually dine out today and there’s nothing better than messing with someone’s food. Call every restaurant in your vicinity and book a table for two. At least one couple in every restaurant will have to be waiting outside in the line which would ruin their perfect evening. You can even go out to witness their misery in person.

Things You Should Do On Valentine's Day

5. Weep
You have laughed too much now and it’s time to cry your heart out because this life is miserable. Why does this happen to good people? I know you’ve been trying too hard to cover up what you’re really feeling like, but there’s no need to pretend anymore. There are more people like you and me, so let’s collectively watch couples everywhere today and weep. It sucks but it’s better to share the pain.

Things You Should Do On Valentine's Day

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