Things That We Expect From 2017

Things That We Expect From 2017

Let’s be honest, last year was shitty. From movies, to TV shows, to financial crisis, every thing worse happened. As there’s absolutely no point in sulking about what happened, we thought we’d make a list of all the things that we want to happen in this year. Following are the things that we expect from 2017 –

1. Katappa’s revelation

It’s high time. This is something we were promised in 2016 but we still don’t know what’s up with Kattappa and why he killed Baahubali. The Beginning was basically an intro to the plot, but the makers really slayed the end by a cliffhanger where we see Kattappa, the loyal servant kills his own King. They promised us the Conclusion in 2016, but kept shifting the date which now finally is April 28 2017. All our eyes are on this Prabhas starrer magnum opus and we finally deserve to know what really happened. Speed up the process, please.

Things That We Expect From 2017

2. Dany meeting Jon

Every season of Game Of Thrones ends with us fans weeping in the foetal position because someone we love dies every time. While Season 6 was no different, where they killed Hodor making us all swear we weren’t going to watch this life ruining show anymore, they made it up by killing Ramsay. However, the rejoice and happiness actually came in when we saw Dany taking a step towards Westeros with her fleet ready to destroy Cersei and rule. We hope to see both Ice (snow) and Fire (Dany) meeting in Season 7 as we have endured too much.

Things That We Expect From 2017

3. Sarabhai will return

One of the few good shows that the Indian television has produced is set to make a comeback in a web-series format this year, and we’re not crying, you’re crying. After all these crappy years we had to suffer from female leads turning into houseflies, horrible Indian version of TVD and many such atrocious television serials, we deserve to see a decent, hilarious and light-hearted show make a comeback. Making it into a web series is even better because we get all the more reason to not switch on the television again. Come back Rosesh, we miss you.

Things That We Expect From 2017

4. Good movies

We had to tolerate some really stupid movies last year. With some movies we had great expectations, like Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad, but they failed miserably in attempting to live up to that. For Marvel and DC fans, many movies from both universes look promising that will entertain as well as stun us completely. Wonder Woman, Justice League, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor Ragnarok among other movies are scheduled to release this year giving us many reasons to not stay broke. Let’s just not hopes too damn high like last year though.

Things That We Expect From 2017

5. No cash problems

Demonetization had us all cringing for cash in vain. It was declared overnight that 500 and 1000 rupee notes would render invaluable in order to fight black money. With the notes exchanging period over, except in Reserve Bank and certain other areas, can we please go back to the days before 8th November 2016 where this was all easier? We want those days back where we didn’t have to think twice before spending cash. We have all suffered to much and it’s time for our goddamn rewards. Thank you.

Things That We Expect From 2017

New Year, New Expectations.

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