The Season Of Falguni Pathak Is Back!

The Season Of Falguni Pathak Is Back!

The best part about being an Indian kid is that you’re never going to run out of things to do. We may not be the best economy in the world, but we sure do know how to have fun. Just fifteen days ago Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations came to an end, and now we have another celebration to look forward to. You’re goddamn right, the season of Falguni Pathak is back!

As expected, Falguni Pathak started trending on Twitter within a matter of hours. Jokes came pouring in for the Navratri queen and we’re not complaining. After all, her voice is the only thing you’ll be hearing for nine days that will follow. Let’s not forget to take a moment and thank god for blessing the mankind with Falguni Pathak, for Navratri would be nothing without her. Let the fun begin!

1. Available che!

2. Such is life for Falguni Pathak. 

3. India’s Green Day

4. Opening song: Maine payal hai chhankai!

5. Way more important than that. 

6. Life Goals 

7. This should be the official name, tbh. 

8. More employment opportunities.

9. Background music: Pari hu main!

10. Time to wake up.


Happy Navratri ya’ll!

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