Signs That You've Given Up On Love

Signs That You’ve Given Up On Love

Let me burst that bubble for you right here, there’s no perfect someone who’s going to spoil you forever. Girls, there’s no prince charming who’ll be arriving on a horse carriage to sweep you off your feet and give your love story a happy ending. Boys, there’s no girl that’s going to come into your life and play PlayStation with you all day long. It’s all a hoax, believe me. And if being single for all these years has taught all of us something, it’s that all these fairy tales we grew up listening to just widened our expectations for no reason. We’re all found that one person who’s going to treat us with good food, and that’s we ourselves. If you’ve understood this by now, here are the signs that you’ve given up on love completely –

  1. Discussions based on each other’s love lives irritates you. You’ve been walking away from these conversations for quite a long time now.
  2. The last serious commitment you made with someone (rather something) was that pizza and fries you ordered last weekend.
  3. You loathe #RelationshipGoals pictures, posts and articles on social media. You scroll right past that thing as fast as you can.
  4. You’ve stopped talking to most of your friends since they got in a relationship because you don’t want them to discuss all that in front of you.
  5. Whenever your friend tries to set you up with someone they know, the first thing that comes out of your mouth is a straight no.
  6. You’ve started going less on social media to avoid seeing someone happy with their partner and crying yourself to sleep every night.
  7. You’ve cried watching dog movies more than any romantic movie. You’ve never really felt connected to romantic movies.
  8. You believe that the company of animals is more important in life than that special someone who’s just going to be another problem to tackle.
  9. You’ve reached at that point in life when you’re parents are trying to set you up with their friend’s children.
  10. Every time you hear the word love, your reflex system automatically makes you go “ewwwww”.
  11. Your long term plans include a big house, a big car, a big flat screen tv, a big swimming pool and a big family of dogs.
  12. You’ve stopped developing crush on someone because you already know that Cupid will never be generous to you.
  13. Whenever someone attractive approaches you, you look around to see if they were given a dare. It really is a dare.
  14. You’ve stopped going clubbing because all of your savings go on the stag entry prices. That’s just unfair, BTW.
  15. You’ve prepared yourself for a lonely and isolated life because you know that love is always going to kick you in the ass.

You’re not alone, my friend!

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