Signs That You Have Zero Flirting Skills

Signs That You Have Zero Flirting Skills

Flirting is an art. Not everyone can master it. When everyone around you is a great flirt, it sucks when you don’t even know the basics. And it’s not like you haven’t tried. You’ve given flirting your best shot, but have always ended up making a fool out of yourself. If it’s happened a lot of times, I think it’s time you give up. Following are the signs that you have zero flirting skills –

1. Every conversation that you have with a girl/boy who you find attractive ends up in them walking away with a creeped out look on their face.
2. When you tell your friends to set you up with someone and when they do, after a few texts the other person doesn’t reply to you at all.
3. You stare at someone you like until they either beat you up thinking you’re some loafer or walk away from there.
4. You make the most weirdest face around people who find attractive which makes them feel your natural habitat is the jungle.
5. The very thought of talking to someone scares the life out of you because your history with making conversation isn’t too good.
6. You have practiced almost every pick up line but in the end you’ve made it should like the shittiest line in the world.
7. You don’t really have new people in your life because making good first impressions isn’t your thing at all.
8. Your friends don’t call you when they go out somewhere there would be other people because they know you can get really creepy.
9. When it comes to flirting, you feel like your brain has left it’s place and you’re being controlled by a body organ whose purpose is to see you alone.
10. You know damn well you can never up your flirting game which is why now you just wait for people to like you without you doing anything.

Have hope, your time will come.

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