Signs That You Are A Meme Addict

Signs That You Are A Meme Addict

If you’re not following memes, what are you really doing in life? For many people, memes are a source of happiness. They make them cry, they make them say “so relatable” and they are a way to make new friends. However, when do you know it is becoming too much? Following are the signs that you are a meme addict –

1. The very first thing you do after waking up is checking Facebook for another day of memes.
2. Literally any stupid joke posted by your favourite meme page is very funny to you for some reason.
3. You calculate your friendship with someone based on how many times they tag you in memes.
4. At every party, you’re the one of the phone. You’re not talking to someone, just random meme searching.
5. All you need is some memes to switch you back from sadness to happiness within seconds.
6. Your phone album is filled with memes from the last year and more because this addiction is since the evolution of mankind.
7. You’ve tried your hand at memeing and with some success, you think you always have a backup career option.
8. You’re not ready to let go of all the memes that are stacked up in your phone because it is too much to handle.
9. Your friends are pretty tired of you tagging them in memes but this is what true friendship is all about.
10. You’re so much into the meme zone that most of your conversations are about them.
11. When you see a meme that perfectly defines you, you make sure that the world knows about it.
12. You have developed a taste for memes and unless it is indeed very funny, you do not laugh.
13. Anyone can tell that you’re a meme addict just by taking a glance at your Facebook timeline.
14. When you find someone who has the same taste in memes as you, you feel like you’ve been blessed.
15. You’re reading all these points and feeling how all of this relates to you and how you have an addiction problems.

Memes are life.

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