Signs That 2017 Is Not Your Year

Signs That 2017 Is Not Your Year

It’s July 6. Seven months into the year 2017 and it kind of sucks how you haven’t really figured out your life yet. You said it was was going to be your year, but now that only five months are remaining, you’re giving up hope on 2017 as well. If you’re still holding on, here’s why you shouldn’t. Following are the signs that 2017 is not your year –

1. At the start of the year, you were feeling quite positive of 2017 but by now all your hopes are gone and you expect nothing.

2. This year has seen the worst of your mental breakdowns and even worse behaviour triggered by everything that went wrong.

3. You had a lot of things planned out to do by the end of this year but not even one of them has been accomplished as of now.


4. Your relationship with everyone has turned into a big joke. It’s all about you wanting to kill each one of them and be alone.

5. You’re not where you thought you would be professionally. All your goals are going down the drain just like you wish you could.

6. Your social life involves watching Netflix and eating chips. You haven’t made any new friends for more than five years now.

Signs That 2017 Is Not Your Year

7. There’s nothing interesting in your love life either. You’re right where you were four years ago, and it continues to be so.

8. The only source of your happiness this year has been the internet and nothing else because of memes on the social media.

9. Your new year resolutions have been the same for the past five years and it looks like they’re going to be the same for 2018.

Signs That 2017 Is Not Your Year

10. All your friends are getting married, going abroad, making babies but you’re just sitting where you are and growing fat.

11. By now you’ve pretty much given up on 2017 and there’s not even hope left that the future is going to be better than this.

12. You can relate with all the points mentioned here and it is making you wonder exactly where it all went horribly wrong.


It’s okay, you’re not alone.

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