How The Salary Is Spent Every Month

How The Salary Is Spent Every Month

If there’s one thing that unites us all is the feeling of happiness when you get your salary every month. All those days of waking up early in the morning trying to figure our why you have to dress up and please people when you can just be a sage and meditate in the Himalayas, finally pays off. But maintaining that account balance for a long time is a task no one can do. Here’s how the salary is spent every month –

1st of the month

The sole purpose of showing up at the office on the 1st of every month is the happiness and promise that you’ll no more be broke. By the second half, you get the message from your bank that you’re rich now. If you were at home, you would break dance and shout to the world that you’ll be able to handle your grown up self for some days now. This excitement gets a tad bit too far when you start debiting money to celebrate your happiness, and by the end of the day, you’ve spend almost half your salary. Congratulations, you fool.

1st week of the month

After getting your account balance to half, you start regretting your decisions the very next day. But the fact that you still have half the salary keeps you breathing through the first week. However, as always, you don’t learn from your mistakes. You say yes for all the parties, decide to treat yourself a little too much and spend too much money on unnecessary things which are going to lead you to dark days of begging for food. You’re obviously not worried about that because right now you’re more focused on emptying your account.

2nd week of the month

By the second week, you’re almost on the verge of a breakdown because you have 20 more days to survive but absolutely no money to sustain yourself. You didn’t anticipate this when you thought you could afford drinking Tequila everyday. These were not the consequences you expected when you ordered a cheeseburst pizza from Dominos everyday. At this stage, you become a person who has never seen any sort of money in life. The little bits and pieces you can gather from your jeans pocket seem a lot to you because that’s what it has come to.

Last week of the month

All your efforts of being a strong person who can hold on to life have been broken now. The little money you saved has all gone away. You’re awaiting the moment when your eternal salvation hits you and takes you away because life has lost its meaning. With every minute you spend at work, it gets harder and harder to tolerate people, especially with no money in your pocket. At this stage, you’re the most vulnerable person as you cannot go out anywhere because of your current financial status. All you’re waiting for is the 1st of another month.

And you’re set to waste money all over again.

Why are you like this?

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