Meanings Of Covfefe Given By Twitter

The Different Meanings Of Covfefe Given By Twitter

The world’s favourite President, Donald Trump is famous for his Twitter, among other things. Voicing out his opinions on the social networking site is one of his favourite things to do. And no one would really care, but the tweet “despite the constant negative press covfefe” doesn’t really give a lot of information. The first five words of the tweet are English language words that exist in the dictionary, but what on earth is ‘covfefe’? His recent tweet turned raised a plethora of questions in the minds of the people for two reasons. Firstly, it didn’t really make sense and secondly, we would Trump not delete the tweet for five whole hours? Too busy? Or was five hours the time given to the world to figure out what it meant? What if it was not a mistake? What if it’s some code word that translates to the destruction of the world? What if? Well, we may never know. What we do know is Twitter can turn anything into a joke. Here are the different meanings of Covfefe given by Twitter:

1. Covfefe Bae <3

2. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

3. That makes sense, maybe. 

4. Covfefe forever.


6. To err is human. To Covfefe is Trump.

7. Lord Covfefe.

8. Best definition. 

9. Dasss right!

10. Must be something dope.

11. Sure as hell.

And Donald Trump’s last words on Covfefe –

Covfefe is the best thing to come out of Trump. 

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