Only in Mumbai

It happens only in Mumbai

Mumbai – the city of dreams, a place everyone wants to be a part of. While there are so many astounding qualities that make the city so desirable, Mumbai is also a city where the most uncommon things happen. There are some unique qualities of this city, which may seem a little weird, but that is what makes it unique and awesome. Listed down are the five things that happen only in Mumbai.

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1. Dinner = Two Vada Pavs

Dinner has never been an issue in Mumbai. Vada Pav is like wheat, it is the staple diet of Mumbai. Feeling hungry? Grab two vada pavs and your night is made.When you don’t feel like going through the whole trauma of making rotis, and vegetables, you can rely on Vada Pav for a relishing, tasty and belly filling experience. Vada Pav and Cutting Chai go hand in hand, they are like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, inseparable. When mommy’s not home and you feel hungry, Vada Pav and Chai is all you need.

Happens only in Mumbai

2. Bai > Sensex

Mumbai, a city where Bai comes first, everything else can wait. Finding a Bai and living a hustle-free life thereafter is a myth. If you don’t eat for one day, you can survive, but without a Bai, impossible. Bai’s are taken so seriously that women have their numbers on speed dial. You know you’re in deep trouble when it’s 9 am and your Bai hasn’t showed up yet. Finding one is difficult, and if you do find one, you should be thankful to God and show your gratitude towards Him, daily. Money and Bai are things one should never be too proud of, a little mistake and you can be penniless and Bai-less, the latter being more difficult to bear.


3. The unit of distance in minutes

Whoever said that the unit of distance is meter, or kilometer, did not live in Mumbai. For us, Distance is always measured in seconds or minutes. We have all done this at one point of time, called a friend and said that we were 5 minutes away. In fact, even while sitting in a rickshaw, we ask him how many minutes is it going to take to reach that place. Sometimes, minutes changes to seconds. When the person on the other side of the phone is angry, the response is “Bhai do second de, aa raha hu”, when you are probably taking a shower at home.

Happens only in Mumbai

4. Nothing exists beyond Borivali

For people living in and around Andheri, and further towards Churchgate, places like Mira Road, Bhayander, Vasai and Naigaon are non-existent. Some might have not even heard about these places, and they go all like “Whaaaaat?”. Virar is a place that is not a part of India, it’s from another planet, or maybe not even that. And some that do know, believe that tribal groups live beyond Borivali, who have no contact with the outer world. No matter how developed places may be beyond Borivali, that whole idea of actual people living there is just not acceptable.


5. m-indicator is a necessity

Forget Whatsapp, BBM, and all the other trending apps. When you get a new phone, you first download m-indicator because, priorities. When it comes to local trains, nothing is funny. m-indicator has been a life saviour since it has been launched, our lives depend on it. People get up according to the timing of the train they want to catch, this is a fact, no kidding. Every person who travels daily will, and for sure have m-indicator in their phone, because we Mumbaikars take our trains quite seriously, and that feeling of catching the train you aimed for, is priceless.

Happens only in Mumbai


Though we may be a little off, and obsess about the most little things in life, we Mumbaikars love our city a little too much and cherish each and every moment that we spend here. Living amidst the chaos and the mess, Mumbai is the city where our hearts belong.

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