How You Should Spend Valentine's Day

How You Should Spend Valentine’s Day

Who said 14th February was just a day for couples? The day of love can be used to expressed loved for anything and everything. Heck, even if you love yourself more than others, celebrate that too. As long as you’re with something you love, it doesn’t really matter if it’s an imaginary person, a date with celebrity crush in fantasy land or a bowl of white sauce pasta. Make your own rules and put the couples to shame. Here’s how you should spend Valentine’s day this year –

1. Food
There will never be anything better in this world than food. Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, food remains constant. If you’re upset about spending V-day alone, don’t worry. Food will be at your rescue like always. Make it a night in with your favourite dish paired up with your drink and the world will seem worthless. Jokes on you couples, we got sorted for V-day.

How You Should Spend Valentine's Day

2. Movie Night
Swooned over Ryan Gosling in La La Land or Shahrukh Khan is Kal Ho Naa Ho? Why not spend Valentine’s day with them instead of crying over stupid boys? That’s right. Download your favourite movie of your celebrity crush, pour some wine, relax on your sofa and spend the night with your could be boyfriend/girlfriend celebrity crush. At least they won’t disappoint you in the movie.

How You Should Spend Valentine's Day

3. Dine Out
Table for one is the most badass thing ever. Being able to afford your own food and not having anybody else pay for it is a feeling you need to feel this V-day. Go to the most expensive restaurant and order the most expensive food. You’ll have to handle some pity faces, but it’d be fun to watch them turn blue with jealousy when you pay your bills and eat what you like. Dat’s right bitches!

How You Should Spend Valentine's Day

4. Single’s Party
You can’t be the only one in your squad who hasn’t been blessed by Cupid. Gather around all the single people you know and host a house party. Gather food, alcohol and some kickass music. Spend the whole night dissing couples and feel good about being single in this cruel world. Make sure you put up some dope snap stories so that everyone who isn’t single gets jealous.

How You Should Spend Valentine's Day

5. Watch Crime Patrol
You want to know how dreadful love can be? Do you want to know why you’re better off being single? There’s not a better day to watch the gruesome effects of love on people than Valentine’s day. Turn to SET Max and gear up for a rough ride watching Crime Patrol, a show based on true events. By the end you’ll either give up on love or call your parents pleading for an arranged marriage.

How You Should Spend Valentine's Day

V-day is for losers.

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