How To Prank Your Roommate

How To Prank Your Roommate

It’s that time of the year again when it’s perfectly okay to smack someone on the head and get away with saying April Fool’s Day without being smacked back. I’m just kidding. Don’t try that. You might end up dead. April Fool’s Day, however, gives you the privilege of pranking the people you love. And who’s better than roommates? Following are some pointers on how to prank your roommate –

1. Find what animal scares them
Not everyone loves all animals. They may be hardcore dog or cat lovers, but the sight of a little spider could make them jump all over. If you’ve been living with them for a long time, you might already know what scares them. Get a toy or a replica, put it the bathroom just when they’re about to go for a bath, and watch them lose their shit shouting inside. This activity is funnier in the bathroom because they can’t just come out for obvious reasons.

2. The landlord scare
There’s absolutely nothing that scares people more than landlords. A simple call is enough to get everyone on their toes. Use this as a tool to tell your roommate saying that you have been asked to vacate the apartment within two hours. Watch them freak out because two hours is not enough, also their scared to speak to the landlord. They’ll be spending the whole day in a fix not knowing what to do, and then you can silently break it to them. You might be punched in the face but it’ll be absolutely worth it.

3. Say their mom’s visiting
If there’s anyone more scary than landlords, it’s moms. This is a universal fact. Drop the mom bomb on them in the morning. Make up some story so that they don’t really call their mom to confirm. What will follow is a hilarious sight of your roommate cleaning the whole house freaking out, worried what if their mom spots the ash tray, or the stock left from the last house party. Once the house looks neat, tell them it was a prank. You not only get to watch them worried, but also get to sit on a spotless couch.

4. Say you’re moving out
This is not just a prank, but also a test to find out exactly what mountains your roommate would cross to stay with you. You’ve had fun times with them, and even when they don’t tell you how much they love you, they do. To pull the perfect April Fool’s Day prank, get up in the morning and pack your bags. Barge into their room where they’re still sleeping. Tell them how you’re moving out because you’re sick of them and enjoy the sobfest that will follow. When you think you’ve seen enough and had your fun, tell them how you were only kidding. You get a license of teasing them as and when you want.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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