April fool's day

How to prank your roommate this April Fool’s Day

It’s April Fools Day! That time of the year again when you can prank your friends / roommates and have fun the whole day. To give you ideas on what to do today, we made a list of pranks that will scare the life out of your friends (not literally) while you can yell “APRIL FOOL” at them.

1. Airhorn behind the door

Easy to execute, this trick will make them so bonkers every time open a door. Stick a airhorn behind every door of the house with the help of tapes and wait for them to open it. As soon as they do so, there’ll be a really loud honk which can also lead to them falling on the floor. Make sure to keep your phone in hand so you can record the whole thing and put it up on Facebook. Please don’t pull this prank on someone with a weak heart.

April Fool's Day

2. Cardboard for dinner, maybe?

Become the generous and understanding roommate; cook your roommate a meal when he/she comes back from work. Make something that looks really nice so that your roommate is really happy when he/she sees it. Who said anything about the meal being edible? Cut the cardboard in a shape of chicken breast, and serve them. Again, don’t forget to record. The reaction of them eating the first bite will be priceless. 

April Fool's Day

3. S’amuser colocataire!

?, ??, ??, ???, ??, ?? 

This is how your friend’s phone will look like when you chance the language to Chinese. You can try easy ones too, like French, but changing it to Chinese will make it more complicated and fun. Quick tip – Do it right before they are about to leave so that they don’t notice anything at all. While they are at work, keep messages them while they struggle to give you a reply. Call them to ask why they’re not replying and enjoy while they suffer with a foreign language phone.

April Fool's Day

4. Stick their slippers to the floor

This prank is a classic. Slippers are things you need always. What if you stick it on the floor, quietly stay behind the curtains with your video recorder on, wait for your roommate to come out and wear them, and watch them fall hilariously on the floor? So evil, right? Again, safety first. Make sure the floor is not to hard or keep a pillow on the floor just to make sure they don’t get hurt. You’ll have to take care of them for the whole week otherwise.

April fool's day

5. Inception prank

This is amazing. On the day, keep telling your roommate that you’ve planned a big April Fool Prank on them, while in reality, this is the prank itself. Watch them double test everything like open doors carefully, walk around the house on toes, not sit next to you or eat the things given by you. While they’re thinking that they’ve been successfully dodging all your pranks, they’re actually being trolled by you the whole time. Simple but effective.

April Fool's Day


Let’s not turn a day of fun into an ugly one. Pull pranks that are don’t harm the other person.
Happy April Fool’s Day!

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